WATCH: Mayor DeBlasio Jokes & Giggles About False Tsunami Warning: ‘Better Than A False Nuclear Attack Warning’


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joked that the National Weather Service’s false tsunami warning issued Tuesday morning was “better” than the false nuclear attack warning that Hawaii residents received in January.

A reporter asked de Blasio for his thoughts about the false AccuWeather alert that was sent out in coordination with the National Weather Service to some New York City residents regarding a possible tsunami.

“Better than a warning of a nuclear attack,” de Blasio joked during the press conference. “Thank you, AccuWeather for not going that far.”


  1. Am I the only one who fails to see the humor?

    This mayor is pathetic. He has proven to ignore NYC, and only do and say things that advance the morally corrupt agenda of political correctness and the anti-Trump agenda. Otherwise, he is useless. Bad score by me. No, his flawed attempt at joking won;t get my attention for long. I wish him speedy retirement.

  2. This happened during the night, long before the mayor was up and ready to govern. In fact it happened at about 9:30 this morning! So what do you want from this guy!? He hadn’t yet even heard about it by the time this news conference took place at 11:00 am. C’mon, cut him some slack!

  3. I’m a Trump supporter, but found nothing wrong the mayor’s response here. Nothing wrong with a little sense of humor—the rest of his response was rational and sensible.

  4. Yaapchik :
    “This happened during the night, long before the mayor was up and ready to govern.”

    I don’t find this genius ready to govern even when he’s up.

  5. Dear fellow Galicianer, re-read my comment! It’s all tongue-in-cheek! He is the redefinition of the classic dufus and New Yorkers elected him to a second term.