HATER: Actress Under Fire For Slamming All NYC Hasidic Jews After Alleged Near-Car Crash


A actress living in NYC took to Twitter and chose to slander all Hasidic Jews living in Williamsburg.

The woman, Amber Tamblyn, claims she was pushing her baby in a stroller while crossing the intersection of Washington Ave and Atlantic Ave, when a Hasidic man tried hitting her stroller.

She tweeted the following:

“If anyone in Brooklyn near the intersection of Washington Ave and Atlantic Ave just saw a Hasidic man in a grey van try to hit a woman and her baby in a stroller a (sic) she crossed a crosswalk, honking and touching the stroller with the car’s bumper, please DM me,” she wrote. “That woman was me.”

That is perfectly understandable, to try and find an individual responsible for the alleged incident. But then, she tweeted again a few hours later and decided to attack all Hasidic Jews in NYC. She wrote the following:

“Thank you everyone for your kind words of support today. We are fine. But this is not the first time a man from the Hasidic community in NYC has attempted to harm me or other women I know. Any woman riding a bike through South Williamsburg can attest. I hope this guy is caught.”

Most interestingly is the fact that as of Monday morning at 11:00AM, she still had not made a police report – yet claimed that an individual tried to harm her.

Social media users criticized Tamblyn’s tweets that appeared to target members of the religious Jewish sect. Some of her followers said she was making generalizations about a large community of orthodox Jews.

“I don’t understand your tweets. For someone who is so politically woke, I don’t understand your generalizations of the Hasidic Jewish community. It sounds racist,” one person tweeted.

“Let’s be rational here, Amber Tamblyn. Firstly, I am so glad you and baby are ok! But to target the Hasidic community like that – especially given the real antisemitism out there – is generally irresponsible,” a social media user tweeted.

“You can’t be both ‘woke and a bigot. Choose one,” another person tweeted.

“Well, I am a proud Hasidic Jew. I never hit you with my car. I never attacked you. Why are you attacking me?!” a person tweeted.

Tamblyn, 34, a prominent advocate of the Time’s Up movement, did not appear to call the police following the incident, TMZ reported. She has not immediately commented on the backlash.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. Chillax Everyone!!
    Let’s not make a big deal out every word written in a tweet. We’re putting way much more thought in to a tweet, than the person who actually tweeted it. We’ve all said something wrong before.
    Honestly speaking, the reality is, there is nothing racist in that tweet. The person was simply giving a description of the driver she was looking for, she was looking for a witness. How wrong is that?
    Let’s not create a bigger Chilul Hashem ourselves. Bad enough some of us are aggressive drivers.
    Let’s just say “I’m Sorry” … and move on.

  2. A quick search comes up with things like “Two children were hit and killed in a horrific accident that unfolded on a Brooklyn street Monday afternoon, authorities said … The driver, a woman, attempted to speed away but was stopped by witnesses on the street, cops said.” (March 2018)

    “Man, 73, fatally struck by two cars in Brooklyn ” (March 2018)

    So forth ad infinitum.

    In none of those reports is the religion of the suspect (nor their dress) mentioned.

    But it is rather suspicious that she is interested only in witnesses that saw a Hasidic driver. Just how is a random bystander supposed to know if the driver was Hasidic? One might question how even she knows the driver was Hasidic. What was the driver wearing, on a work-day, to make the driver appear “Hasidic”? Was it a beard? In that case how does she know it wasn’t a Muslim (I have seen those I later learned were Muslim that I could not tell whether they were Jewish or not)?

  3. Whether she might have a point or not is not the case.

    The question is, had it happened in an African American neighborhood how would she reacted?

    How come when it comes to Ultra/Hassidic/Orthodox there is no PC issue when generalizing…

  4. It’s unfortunate that she chose to single out the “Hasidic community”. Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Lazeh. It would have been beautiful if she’d equate “Hasid” to the word “Jew”. Perhaps as Jews, we don’t show enough love toward each other. Think about it, if we all had Ahavas Chinam, she would have written “Jew”. That would be so beautiful…

  5. velvwel
    perhaps you live in a cave???!!
    what is hatzalah,shomrim,bikur cholim organiza, chabad, gemcachs
    etc etc etc etc etc etc ..is it out of hate? I know in other Jewish’movements they dont
    have these things…see yevomes 67a (68a?) top 3 middos jews have….

  6. I saw elsewhere she responded that she doesnt hate jews because she’s married to one. She might be married to a shaygitz but for sure she is a shiksa!

  7. @Shimen

    I do live in a cave, but there’s no WiFi reception inside, so I need to go outside to post this. 🙂

    Perhaps there was a misunderstanding. My point was, if all of us Jews (forget the other labels) would look at one another as their brother and sister, – or if you don’t like the term, see Perek 32 in Tanya where the BH”T writes that we’re all one. If we’d have such achdus, the outside world wouldn’t look at us as separate entities.
    To be clear, I know that Chassidim are awesome! Every Jew has his/her strength. It would be so nice if the Jew haters would look at all of us as one because we look at all of us as one.

  8. yossellegoylem, the name is very fitting. We have to apologize? ! Are you nuts?! You have a reall complex about your own people and it’s pathetic. The story may be completely untrue and just because some Chasidim are aggressive doesn’t mean all of us are. Ridiculous.

  9. Let’s say this is true. Also what if this is not true? What if Amber is an anti semite? and trying to set us up? After the matza story and the protest regarding the coal ashes and so on she can really get people to listen. The tweets happened after the Park Slope incident and she jumped on the opportunity because she knows people will be listening to her.

  10. velvelwolf……
    also, whats this ‘brothers’ about…no i’m not your ‘brothers’
    BUT,C’V if ‘brothers’ will need hatzalah, shomrim, chavairim etc etc …we run on all 4’s…
    again my question , why dont the non shomrei torah have these organizatios?

  11. I wish YWN would practice actual journalism and not to embellish the words that she said. she did not attack “all Hasidic Jews.” she clearly said that it is quite common for them to act that way. unfortunately, anyone who has ever participated in any simchas beis hasho’ava or walked through the streets of chassidish communities can attest to the fact that they don’t teach their kids the greatest of manners. pushing and forcing their way through is quite common, and aggressive driving is to be expected. it rubs many people the wrong way, so it doesn’t surprise me that this chillul hashem occurred.

  12. daasyeshara, I think your comment is disgusting. Are there Chassidishe people who don’t teach there kids manners? Yes, just like other groups of Yidden and non-Jews who don’t teach their kids manners, so are there Chassidishe people who don’t teach their kids manners. But most Chassisishe people have manners so stop blaming thousands of people because of some individuals. Your sinus chinum is atrocious. I don’t know which bais hasheiva you are referring too, the crowd may not be for you so just don’t go there. As for walking the streets of Chassidishe areas, you are disgusting and I’ll call you an anti-Semite because there’s no pushing nor shoving nor aggressive driving on the streets. Are there SOME Chassidishe individuals who drive aggressively? Yes there are, but you are blaming the entire community because of a few individual aggressive drivers. You are TOTALLY lying about Chassidim pushing and shoving in the streets. That is simply UNTRUE. If you would be a goy you’d say we all own banks and are stealing everyone’s money. People like you are gross.