Los Angeles: Statement by Agristar Following Media Reports Of Kosher Meat Distributor Selling Treif

(Monday, March 25th, 2013)

agri3.jpgThere have been reports in various media (see below) that fraudulent Aaron’s Best labels were used by one of Agristar’s customers on non-kosher meat in the Los Angeles, California area; this is very disturbing and inexcusable. Agristar had no knowledge of this alleged misuse of its labels, and should these allegations prove to be true, Agristar will discontinue any further relationship with this customer. Agristar prides itself in its relentless pursuit of the highest standards of kashrus and will use all means at its disposal to prevent a reoccurrence of this unfortunate and illegal behavior.


Hershey Friedman.

The following is an article from KTLA:

As Jews throughout Southern California prepare to celebrate Passover, a huge local distributor of Kosher meats has been stripped of its certification.

Doheny Glatt Kosher Meats is a wholesale supplier of Kosher products to merchants, restaurants, and caterers.

The company also has a retail market at their Pico Boulevard location where they sell directly to customers.

Doheny Glatt is accused of repacking Kosher meat boxes with USDA products that were not Kosher.

The Rabbinical Council of California sent out an email informing people that the meat bought before 3:00 p.m. on Sunday is still considered Kosher.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. anonymous.chai says:

    Balcony. Agri GAVE those labels out so that they can repackage their product.

  2. Zevulun says:

    Please use a current photograph of the tower at Agri Star Meat & Poultry which reads: AGRI STAR not AGRI PROCESSORS.
    Thank you

  3. Joe Yeshivish says:

    Again, we have NO oversite.

  4. Gadolhadorah says:

    To No. 1

    Your comment is lashon harah against the business of Sholomo Mordechai Rubashkin A’h, which is now owned by Heshy Friedman, an ehrliche yid who would NEVER knowingly be a participant in a scheme to sell treifus under a kosher label. You shouldn’t make such allegations in the absence of real evidence which clearly you don’t have.

  5. anonymous.chai says:

    No one is making allegations. Just facts. Agri gives out their labels so people can repackage agri’s product. How people use those labels are a different story. But when you give out your labels you are asking for trouble. Fact !!!

  6. yeshivaguy45 says:

    To #1 Your comment is completely false and motzi shem ra. It should be deleted. That has no no business being posted Bear in mind that your comment is public and Heshy Friedman might be viewing it. Remember Ahavas Yisroel.
    To #4 His name is Shalom, not Shlomo and why are you saying A”H? He’s still alive and we’re still davening for him and if you’ve been following his story, then you’d know he is innocent and he was known as an honest yid who always gave to others, He’d would NEVER sell treif. He’s an ehrliche yid who has strong emuna. Do research on him and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Remember Ahavas Yisroel

  7. Pini Herman says:

    There seems to be a culture of deception around Kosher slaughter in the Pico-Robertson area currently. If people are not confronted about tossing out all the tons of chickens intended for the needy over the years, its not a great leap to take non-kosher meat and stage it as kosher in this local culture of lax supervision and community involvement.

    Another kosher scandal well-documented and well-known to area rabbis:


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