Mailbag: Pritzus, Drugs & More – All In The Name Of HaTana Rav Shimon Bar Yochai


ywneDear YWN,

I know that this letter will cause the regular “Lashon Hara!” and the other ignorant responses to major issues plaguing our community, but the pain is too great, and this must be publicized.

This week was Lag Baomer, and this Minhag of lighting bonfires has spread across the Jewish communities like ‘wildfire’. We will not discuss the fact that this Minhag was virtually unheard of 20 years ago, besides for 1 or two Chassidish Kehillos. Now even the most modern of communities are very “Makpid” to be mikayim this Minhag. I’ve got no problem with Kosher entertainment, but my problem is what I personally witnessed at one particular event – which was anything but Kosher.

At one of the largest events held in Flatbush, the evening started off with couples mingling in the most untzniyus way, with many of the women dressed as if they were going to a club.

The fire was lit, and the dancing started. An hour later, the adults left to put the little ones to sleep, and what remained was (no exaggeration) HUNDREDS of teenagers, all exchanging phone numbers, and many engaging in extremely inappropriate behavior on the side streets. Not to mention the amounts of alcohol that was consumed by these children, and the few who needed to be carried away at the end of the evening. Not to mention the amount of teens who were exposed to Marijuana for the first time. Not to mention the Yeshiva boys who found out about this free party, and who have fallen to the forbidden temptations that are harder than ever to resist in this perverted society that we live in.

I walked away stunned at what I had seen, and was even more shocked when I had to chase a group of 10 kids (both boys and girls) out of my backyard while they were smoking Marijuana. We won’t discuss the chutzpah and vulgar language these kids had to my wife and I, when they were told to get off our property

Of course this was all done in the name of the holy Tanna Rav Shimon Bar Yochai Z”YA.

How disgusting!

Is a Lag Baomer fire worth it if one Yiddesh Neshama falls?

And these are supposedly Chassidish Rabbonim (Rebbes) by whom Tzniyus and Shmiras Einayim is of utmost importance.

We all heard about the Rabbonim and Yeshiva principals who have been walking the streets of Avenue J and Avenue M every Motzei Shabbos, and issuing letters in their schools warning their students that if they are caught in the streets, there will be severe repercussions. Where are they now? Is it because these same Rabbonim are perhaps making Lag Baomer parties themselves?

Where is the outrage? When will this madness stop?

Chaim Gluck, Flatbush.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



  1. I watched this happen. For more than 2 hours there was no dancing, nothing going on at all. No rov anywhere. All that was there was a massive hangout.

    Kudos to the writer.

  2. fits right in with the out of control pritzus that has overtaken flatbush.

    and yes, blame the eruv. we need this garbage prancing around with their carriages on shabbos morning?


  3. To No 3 (Irked)

    No need for a yid to run to a rebbele before speaking out about an issue that causes him both personal inconvenience as well as raising an important issue for the tzibur. He is NOT accusing any one individual or group of creating this situation. Rather, his letter is no different than similiar letters written about behaviors around the time of Purim, simchas torah, etc. As yidden, we seek guidance from rabbonim on matters of halacha and we go to a beis din for a din torah. We don’t need to obtain a rav’s permissino to write a letter to the tzibur. while I’m personally not offended by some teens exhchanging phone numbers, the drugs and drinking are a serious problem that goes beyond just a La’g Baomer bonfire.

  4. Mr. Gluck, thank you for taking the time to post. There’s isn’t much to be said other than our brand of Judaism has been so diluted from Torah MiSinai it’s altogether possible that Moshiach has already arrived, and just went back to where he came from after spending a few days in our heiligeh community.

    We can be described today as a Nation of Hypocrites. We protest stores that sell untznius clothing by violating the halachos of business by engaging in tactics that make racketeering and conspiracy look tame. We raise millions for alleged child molesters and then raise more money when they are convicted and are no longer “alleged.”

    The chassidim mock the young israel yiddin, the young israel mock the litvishe, the yekkes laugh at the lubavitch. We pretend we are holier than the rest when we have the same instances of adultery, incest, drugs, gambling, alcoholism, just name your vice and you’ll find a yarmulke or sheitel attached to it.

    There is more learning and tzedaka given now than any other time in history, yet we spend thousands upon thousands on clothing, vacations and technology. Some estimates put the dollars spent on ONE pesach by the frumme velt as enough to cover the budgetary shortfall of every yeshiva in America.

    Yeshiva mechanchim are no better. They are mostly uneducated koleleit who failed outside the yeshiva and have no business in the same building as a child. No wonder teens are turning to weed and booze – the derech they are being asked to walk on is so narrow that only a few can manage to stay on it. And once you fall off, rather, once they push you off, does it matter where in the muck you land?

  5. RABBI SHBY is not the issue
    We live in a tough world the kids need help and shown purpose in life.
    I was at Stolin all I saw BH was Ruchnious and Simcha from yungerleit and bochurim.
    You are so worried about “YOUR” property did it ever dawn upon you to try to be nice to children, learn with chinldren talk to these children, Guess what if you would have gone out and offered them pizza make a kumzitz with them gives them some needed chizuk you would have done your tafkid in this world like Avraham and Sara bringing people to recognize Hashem, but you chose the other approach the Har Sayir approach of Eisav GET OFF MY PROPPERTY! LET ME GET MY SHOTGUN! What makes something your proppert anyway its all Hashems everyone knows we do not own anything not our helth not out children the more people think they are in perfect control of everything that goes on in their lives the more Hashem shows them the own nothing nothing nothing we are here for a purpose you cannot loose the opportunity.
    Wake up these children are all an extension of us even if its only your neighbors child or friends child THEY ARE ALL PART OF US OF YOU AND ME.
    Look at the Bier Mayim Chayim this week he says you would never harm your own hand if it hurts you try to fix it help. We are all ONE Neshome

  6. Mr Ferd, #5, please do not call Yiddishe kinder “garbage.” Anyone with eyes in their head can attest to the fact that there is a serious problem of pritzus, both in behaviour & in dress, in our community. Much can be done to address the problem, beginning with recognizing and acknowledging that it exists. But your language and your attitude are totally unacceptable.

  7. It’s all because of Sushi.

    I’m not joking. This is what very prominent Rov in Flatbush is screaming about lately.

    If this is not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is.

  8. While Mr. Gluck makes valid points about tznius, pritzus, etc., the solution is NOT writing a letter to YWN (it does heighten awareness, however,) what should be done is sitting down with the planners of this event. Discussing what went wrong and planning how it can be fixed in the future.

    Look at Boro Park — Stolin, Nickelsburg, etc. they have separate men/women viewing areas, it seems more controlled than what Mr. Gluck describes happened in Flatbush.

    My suggestion in planning next years event is to 1) provide specific sides of the street for the women, 2) because for the last few yeas this was not done, askonim should appoint people to stand at strategic points, and direct them to the right places. This itself wil minimize on the pritzus. 3)In addition “sadronim” should be appointed to walk the area and engage these teens to join the dancing, and encourage them not to be hanging out.

    Mr. Gluck, taking away the Lag B’omer bonfire would be like saying dont drive a car, accidents kill. If done correctly, then this could be a life saver for many. You’re right that it isnt worth losing one neshama, but do it right and not only you wont lose, you may just gain!!!!!

  9. I don’t live in Flatbush, so I cannot attest to the veracity of the story but I vehemently protest the way the poster and the respondents deal with this. First of all, there were plenty of places where the dancing and the rest of the evneing were a marvelous display of yiddishkeit. Secondly, even if we assume that some of the things that are beign alleged to happened, why not deal with it like a mentsh? rather that trying to improve matters, by criticizing , all you do is make things worse and alienate the aame people you are trying to bring back. Rather than calling them names- “ferd’ chose an appropriate screen name for himself- try showing them how to conduct themselves properly. It is no accident that Chabad, Breslov and other “kiruv’ organizations are succesful: they are non-judgmental – let HKBH be the judge-and show their love, not their nastiness ,to others.

  10. #8, you are a tipush. Yes, you should offer them pizza. But not create a venue for these kids completely unsupervised, with not a parent in sight. Just a big free-for-all.

    Get with the program dude.

    And I would chase these kids out of my backyard too. I would have held them, and called the cops, and had them all arrested for possession of drugs, and pressed charges for trespassing.

  11. Lets call a spade a spade. The colorful full page ads advertising music and dancing in the streets “in honor of Rashbi” are really invitations to an outdoor dance club. Did anyone who attended one of these outdoor parties see any indication by the organizers that anything was done in honor of Rashbi? Divrei torah? Perhaps some garbled message in yiddish that most of the people couldnt hear, and wouldnt understand even if they could. Some half hearted attempt to mumble through Bar Yochai by half a dozen chassidim, most likely the Rebbes sons and sons in law and then loud pulsating music. What did Mr. Gluck expect would happen?

    If people want change, wringing the hands, crying woe is us and writing on a blog such as YWN, or letters to the editor in local papers will do nothing. Start by putting pressure on those who host these parties to make sure the type of behavior that is described does not happen at their event. Rabbonim should take the time to address the potential problems with attending such an event with their individual kehillos. Heck, I would like to see a Litvishe Rav get up and say, this is not our minhag stay home, you want to do something in honor of Rashbi, learn a blatt gemara where he is quoted. Parents should know where their teens are, who they are with and what they are doing with them. This is a breakdown on many levels. As much as people want to change the world, they cant. Each father can deal with his own children, each Rav his own kehilla, many small positive changes can add up to a large positive change.

  12. #13
    Why are you calling him a tippush? Get with the program dude. The rabbonim are providing kosher entertainment, do they have to be the parents as well? Most parents know their children. If they cant be there without supervision, then the parents should have stayed or taken them home. Incidentally, if it si lat eenough for the parents to go home, it would be a bad idea to put out the fire.

  13. “We all heard about the Rabbonim and Yeshiva principals.. .warning their students that if they are caught in the streets… Where are they now?”

    The letter was fine up until here.
    Rabbonim are not policemen! The rabbis, principles and morahs are NOT expected to chase kids in streets late at night. The issue here, Mr. Gluck, are the PARENTS! The parents!!
    Gevald! Where are the parents of these kids!??
    Rabbonim and co. have a responsibility up to a certain point. This issue of late night hangouts are the PARENTS’ PROBLEM, NOT THE RABBONIM’S PROBLEM! ( Unless, of course, they are in dorms and are officially supposed to be under adult supervision)

  14. #14 taking away entertainment does not do good for our generation. As you clearly stated you need to educate the public, an ddeal with it one kehilla at a time. Staying home doesnt solve the issue. We still need to have public events or our children will go nuts.

  15. #15 – Actually, bot of you are tipshim. You even more!

    The rabbonim did NOT provide kosher entertainment at all.

    What kind of entertainment is kosher with zero tzniyus guidelines put in place before the event starts? Where was the announcement that people should take their kids home with them?!

  16. Just want to say that I walked past this party with my wife around 9 pm, and I was appalled at what I saw.

    In fact, it looked like a regular school day: THE STEPS OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL LOOKED NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER DAY.

    Hamayvin yavin

  17. I’m really sick of hearing these kinds of things. We can have articles and post on the forums all day it will not change anything. Nobody takes responsibility and nobody feels responsible for anything. Someone should have calles the cops. But of course the askanim would make sure the kids don’t get arrested and of course never suffer any consequence of their ridiculous crazy conduct. We as a community are failing the next generation and if we don’t wake up quick there won’t be much left to save.

  18. Who was it that said, “if we’re messed up, you’re to blame?” Take a look in the mirror, Brooklyn and take a good look at the orthodox judiasm you created. Rabbi Meir Kahane said that the greatest travesty of galus is the fact that it creates a Judiasm that is tainted and thereby becomes another version avoda zuru. He may have been on to something. This is not a product of not being religious enough or strict enough but being false and allowing Judiasm to become a joke whereby all the small things have been propelled to holiness and we have lost touch with what is important. Our kids can smell the fakeness of the Judaism you serve them and they spit it back in your face. When Judiasm has been replaced with inane rules that defy common sense and sanctify what is trivial you get Brooklyn Jewry. You reap what you sow. Enjoy your gefilte fish, everyone.

  19. Mr. Gluck, welcome to flatbush! you can’t fight city hall and you should certainly not give it out and point the finger on the “shortcomings” or “not so important” parts of lag beomer. I do believe that the symbolism of the fire is just a tiny bit greater than you. And deeper for that manner; especially when reading your shallow article. Its sad that your community that has become disfunctional in so many ways; since the money mind has seeped itself into not only the homes but also the torah institutions of flatbush. Your rabbanim are obviously not finding the right solutions to educate these youths or young married people. Your rabbanim probably themselves haven’t learnt a zohar or understood enough to be able to interpret what they learn into training the youths around you better. But please for g-ds sake and I repeat that; don’t blame it on this special day. are you aware of the fact, as you’ve mentioned before it used to be celebrated so largely by few chassidim but even more so by a bunch of mizrachim. The mizrachim in Miron that are hanging around and about on the mountain that many chareidim find distracting have been there way before us. But walk up that mountain and see what happens. Feel the kedusha in the air. We can’t and will not be able to allow the hollelus and lowliness of some overtake our exeprience and focus on kedusha. Cus these moridim are here, they’ve been here since sheishes yemei bereishis. We gotta look in our own direction, focus on our goal (try if possible to avoid) and otherwise you yourself make sure to search and find the light and beauty of kedusha or a special day like this.

  20. Thank you mr Gluck for writing this letter. Today I was seriously cryIng about everything that’s going on..for the people who commented that this letter shouldn’t have been written ur wrong!! It kills me to see and hear my friends talking about going to ave j on Motzei Shabbos and about boys at the bonfire yes we as girls have a certain thing that we want boys attention ad that’s normal! A rav told us it’s normal but it’s not normal to go and exchange numbers or anything etc
    Whoever said that mr Gluck should have offered them pizza WRONG!! 1)mr Gluck cld have been in trouble by police they could have said he have them the drugs etc this world is full of anti-semitisem 2) no get them away from u it’s dangerous disgusting and no u shdnt “reward” them for this!

    Honestly I think next year there should Be no bonfires! I really feel bad and I can just imagine how much pain rabbi shimon bar yochi is having in shamayim seeing what people r doing “using his name”!!


    Kudos to mr Gluck!

  21. To those worried about taking away “kosher entertainment”, I respectfully ask, what was kosher about this entertainment? Moreover, why is it the responsibility of a local shul/yeshiva/organization to provide entertainment for the neighborhood teenagers? What happened to their parents? If an organization does take it upon itself to provide “kosher entertainment” though, they should take some precautions to ensure that what they provide is kosher.

  22. Mr, Gluck.
    Thank you so much for your astute insight to an ever prevalent problem which occurs not only in our community, but has spread out amongst others like a “lag b’ Omer” fire that’s gone wild. I cannot begin to express how livid I am seeing our children loose their yiddishkeit! Woe is to them for making such poor decisions. As a parent, all I want is to see nachas from my kinder, but unfortunately they have all gone astray. I’ve worked so very hard to send them to prominent yeshivas in order for them to garner a understanding of what it mean to be a yid, to learn the helige Gemara, and to fear the abishter. First it started off with the Pokemon cards, and I threw them avek. Than the Harry Shmutzer books, which only instills perversion and disgrace. Than came the Internet, the iPod and the jeans! I had enough, these kids are a disgrace to our community ad it’s all there fault. Mr Gluck, or Rav Gluck as I shall call you. You have gave me hope that we a parents can truly focus only on the children whom we find fit in the eyes of the abishter to take us all the way to bring Mashiach bemhera veyamenu…amen! Shkoiyach…shkoiyach reb Gluck.

    Mr Y Levin

  23. It seems to me that most of these teens are already at risk when they attend these gatherings….the bonfire gathering is just an enabler for what they’re doing…also, it’s a venue for drugs and other things…throwing them out of yeshiva is not the solution…we need more rebbes, rabbis, programs, organizations, etc., to help these kids…the parents see something negative in their kid’s behavior that they can’t handle. There should be help out there for them and the kids.Yes, these Lag B’omer fires were not a part of growing up to almost all of us…it can be a beautiful organized event. It really has gotten out of hand with people flying to Israel and a huge business profit making publicity stunt~~yes, this is not what Reb Shimon had in mind!!!!

  24. So many points.

    Obviously someone organized the bonfire, it was their responsibility for the format of the event. Obviously there was a failure there, either in the communication, planning or execution of the event. But it should be used as a learning tool in how to make it better.

    As far as to the reaction to the event I think it is not parallel to what we should want. Imagine if you had issues with your child. You would want them to have people assist and not just look at them and reject them. That to me is a bigger issue in our community.

    Look at the haftora from a few weeks ago with Elisha Hanavi and gehazi. Despite all of Gehazi failings he kept him as a talmud. And he had issues dealing with women, pride etc.. These are the same issues we have today. It was only when gehazi stepped over a line and contradicted him and asked for the money was he thrown out. When he knew better.

    We need to look at these hundreds of teens (I consider this an obvious exaggeration), and not have Rabbis handing out letters throwing them out of our schools, we need to come up with real constructive methods in working with them.

    What this letter does, is to me show a shame, how we look at specific actions of a few and blame the whole. We need to look at the whole,and the beauty of the Log BOmer, and look at the parts that need work on and not reject them, but embrace them, and show them what it means to be Jewish, to be a servant to Hashem.

  25. to #30
    Riki, lets just say; did you by any chance go to israel for the year of seminary???????? “huge business profit making publicity stunt” and lets just ask: If you are trying to find a way or different solution; a bonfire even if it gets carried away is a very good activity for teens at risk. Mitoch shelo lishma ba lishma….. you never know where this can take them to and the memories or thought that might cross their mind that is minutely positive that will perhaps make them make a change. Isn’t this the kind of “benefit of the doubt” mind you’d like the yeshiva ssystem to have if not for throwing these kids out of yeshiva. if not, then what do you stand for? and how contradictory you are? or you just simply don’t get it. And just as a last note: How do you know that this is not what reb shimon had in mind? Do you know that the inyan of achdus and hevei dan es kal haadam lekaf zechus is huge on this day. Do you know what pritzus goes on on the bottom of har miron and the kedusha on top of the mountain on by the ohel; do all the miron visitors complain and start saying what reb shimon meant? or do they head up the mountain , if their searching for the fire/light and sing and dance lekovod hataana. In any case, tell me when and where reb shimon reached out to you; would like to be there too next time.

  26. And for all you commenters here. The way flatbush looks today is a direct result of the lack of integrity and depth in the litvish community. Years ago it had a yeshivish touch. These days even the yeshivish are like chocolate covered pretzels. I call them “Torah covered japs” torah and money and style and being scared to put more limitations on dress code cus were litvish…… and guys are learning torah but the dagesh is important on their expensive cufflings and ties and shoes….. say whatever you want, these two don’t go together and here you have it….. when torah isnt real and man doesn’t make the right sacrifices through growth with his torah; then his torah doesn’t last. In yiddishkeit you cant get away with murder, it’s not a magic show. Flatbush is a place that you will all need to embrace as a community drowning in expensive mansions and focus on “money to support torah” (those two shouldn’t have any connection). The money has gotten to all of their heads and so has many other things. So if your searching for the truth weather it is feeling that these kids need to be mechunach differently or that lag beomer should be done properly with kavod; then I truly dont think your in the right place. And yes, even for lashon horah; you needed to ask a sheila. if were all gonna give ourselves excuses we’d look very bad.

  27. Lets give the kinderlach at this Lag B’omer “Party” the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps because of the music and bonfires your eyes were playing tricks on you? The claims sound exaggerated – Yidden don’t do that sort of stuff.

    Besides maybe the teenagers were just trying to let off some steam after a long first half of Sefira.

  28. @ number 20. This is not an ad, it is an opinion. The same thing you expressed when calling the owner of this site a ####.

  29. kussemek, Get your head out of the sand. You’re part of the reason we have these problems. If you stay in denial you can never take action to correct things.
    The problem is real. If the Yeshivas wouldn’t concentrate on white shirts and learning all day creating a small path as mentioned earlier things would be different. Back when I was in Yeshiva we had Limudei Kodesh AS WELL AS limudei chol which was stressed not stuck in for a couple of hours. I won’t say everyone was mchshiv it but Yeshivas and parents were more open minded.
    Today everything is treif. No wonder the kids keep looking elsewhere especially when they see how so many parents are hypocrites doing the exact opposite what they are being told.
    rambling but the issues are real and seem to get worse with time.

  30. Must be a slow day in the insurance industry today. Wonder what Elliot and Steve will think about the VP of Finance spending his time posting on a blog.

  31. Know what will change because of this?


    Next year,it will be right back. Bigger and badder then ever.

    Wait and see.

  32. The adults at this makom tumah were no different than the kids.

    What’s the problem?

    Kids see their parents dressed in (gasp) mini-skirts, high-heels, makeup to kill a horse, and perfume to smell 8 feet away. And these women and mingling with other married couples all very cozy and close, and we expect the children to do any better?

    Shame on the parent.

    And yes, this event should be shut down next year.

  33. @manishma – (If that is your real name..) Have you forgotten that we are all made “B’tselem Elokim” and that EVERYTHING The Eibishter does is for the best?

    The fact that our Maydelach were dressed like Shiksas and wearing mini-skirts on top of a mountaintop in Eretz Yisroel is meant to teach us a lesson. It is a wakeup call that we should be doing Teshuva for our Aveiras. We are responsible for these Kinderlach going off the Derech! Perhaps instead of pointing fingers you should be doing Cheshbon HaNefesh and fixing the bad Middos that caused this Lag B’Omer Ba’al Hagan…

  34. kussemek, my point exactly. You say the claims are exaggerated and that’s where the problem lies. People are afraid to admit that we have a major problem on our hands, our being parents and Yeshivas.

  35. You say 100s of people , I think U are over estimating. Just bec they weren’t wearing long skirts doesn’t mean they weren’t tznius.u probably say that if a man wears a polo shirt it’s also not tznius. stop bad mouthing flatbush. There is nothing wrong if someone has a mansion as long as they can afford it. It’s just jealousy. I know many people who give plenty of tzedaka and live in a nice house. Do u bash belz for have a mansion bais medrish. The one who wrote this article is probably a bitter women who can’t fargin when yidden are bsimcha. U also say that they exchange numbers did u hear 100s or ur just assuming??? They were doing drugs how do u know are saying that from experience ?? They probably were just smoking cigarets. Every side street . Did u go don’t every side street???? The bottom line is every community has it issues no one is perfect but don’t u go and bash a whole community u should be ashamed. Flatbush is a very nice lace to live and it has the most Shula and yeshivas in the world!!!!

  36. I am shocked and surprised at most of ur replays this is also a reason to y moshiach isn’t here!

    Yes rabbi Gluck thank you!!! Hashem we give u ur schar!!

  37. Adorama, I will refrain from commenting on your writing skills, or lack thereof, even though they render much of your comment unintelligible.
    I would like to ask you how it is that you equate having a “mansion beis medrash” with owning a mansion & living in it. I’m not pointing the finger and criticizing any of the above. However, someone who gives of his hard-earned money to beautify a makom Torah is hardly the same as someone who chooses to splurge on his own home!

  38. Its a very nice article but how do you have the chutzpah to try to bash the rabbonam in your last paragraph. I am very close to a couple rabbonam that go around on avenue J and avenue M on motzei shabossim and they did go around on lag boamer night to bon fires that were not held in a torah manner. i agree with your whole article but before you bash robbonim check your facts

  39. how do you call yourself “THE YESHIVA WORLD” when you put up someones article bashing rabonnim and calling them Hippocrates. in the article that someone wrote you about lag baomer the last paragraph bashes the rabbonim. even though you say its not the views of the edditor you people should still be embarresed of yourselves calling yourselves the yeshiva world. first of all its not true, because rabbonim were out at bon fires on lag baomer trying to make sure everything happens in a torah manner But even if they werent who are you to put up an article judging rabbonim, they are a lot smarter than all of us. loshon hara is bad, but saying loshon hara on the rabbis that arent even true, you should be embarresed of youself. SHAME ON YOU

    Yisroel Mintz

  40. #49 – I promise you that Rav Avrohom Schorr was not at this event. How do I know? Because I was there. And not only was I there, but I happen to live on the street.

    He was not there for a second.

    Stop with the pack of lies.

  41. no rabbonim were there. i did see rabbi wallerstein and rabbi groner from ohr yitzchok there around 10:30 (to be very exact). they walked on the sidewalk from east 28th towards 29th. they talked with some boys and left shortly after with rabbi groner driving.

    there were no rabbonim there.

    yapper is right.

  42. Yapper Rabbi Pinchas Wallerstein has a yeshiva with over 150 guys in it go check it out its on east 15th between L and locust so to me thats classified as rabbonim.
    But if he is not a good enough rabbi for you there were other rabbonim out as well. so you should also check you facts before you have something smart to say

  43. #7 What are you ranting about?

    “the yekkes laugh at the lubavitch” Which Yekkes are you talking about. What are you referring to or are you just shooting off aimlessly?

    “Yeshiva mechanchim are no better. They are mostly uneducated koleleit who failed outside the yeshiva and have no business in the same building as a child.” This is absolute nonsense. Most Rabbeim today receive formal training through the likes of the Torah Umesorah Aish Dos program. Perhaps you would be wise to attend the Torah Umesorah convention this shabbos where Torah educators meet to discuss methodology, classroom techniques and the latest trends in education. You might meet real educators like Jim Fay and Stephen Covey who have both addressed recent Torah Umesorah events. But perhaps you would rather remain ignorant and spout nonsense.

    Yes there are problems in our community but there is also much good. Many people do act tzniyusdik in dress and mannerisms and many others aspire too change and grow. Many are honest in bussiness and yes, the chinuch “system” does produce many, many wonderful boys and girls who are true ovdei hashem who continue in the path of Torah and Mitzvos.

  44. yapper it could be we are talking about different the event you are talking about it could rabbonim were not at. but i saw rabbonim at a different bon fire that had lots of boys and girls at

  45. Everyone calm down! Stop calling people liars. It’s sefira still. let’s TRY to all get along. People are calling others liars and they don’t even know each other . This is why r akivah Talmidim died bec one couldn’t get along with each other! Everyone just calm down! Kids have issues. And no one here will solve the worlds problems!! Just be nice if u have something to say! Write the way YOU would want to be written to.

  46. “Name the rov who was there.”

    Surely the Rav of the shul/yeshiva that held such a celebration was there, no? Someone “sponsored” the event, shouldnt that someone or group of someones be responsible? If the someone or group of someones is not a Rav or Rabbonim, it is on the parents for allowing their teenaged children at an event not under the auspicies of a Rav. If it was, then Mr. Gluck should take up his beef with the Rav in question.