Parents Angered: Trump Visit Results In Closure Of King David Street Kindergartens


For parents of children who attend kindergarten on King David Street in Jerusalem, there is anger after being told Thursday the kindergartens will be closed next week during the visit of US President Donald Trump.

It appears the parents are less upset with the closure, questioning why notification always comes the last moment. They explain that timely notification would permit them to make plans but when notified on Thursday regarding Sunday, they are little time to make arrangements for their little ones.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Again the headline is designed to put the blame on Trump. I did a search for Obama’s visit and very few results come up, but at least the dailymail had the courage in 2013 to make some reference to Obama’s visit:

    > the Israeli government issued a press kit that reports the President has a 600-person entourage, and they will occupy all 233 rooms in the King David Hotel during their stay.

    > an unprecedented number of roads have been closed, effectively shutting down much of Jerusalem during the height of the religious season

  2. headline of this story very misleading. first impression i got before reading the whole story was: ‘here goes another story of anger over Trump…media is at it again!’ then, after reading the details, i see that it isn’t Trump that “they” (probably one or two parents) are angry with. they knew for a while that he was coming to israel. they’re upset that they were only told yesterday (thursday) that their kids’ kindergarten located on king david st will be closed on sunday. they would have wanted to be told earlier. i’m assuming that, based on the name of the street, this kindergarten is very close to the king david hotel where Trump will be staying. well, what were these parents thinking? of course, that street, along with the kindergarten, will be closed! did they think otherwise? this is a ‘non story’ and i’m suspicious that it was generated and fanned by the anti-trump media.