Most Israeli Parents Dissatisfied with Schools


A study conducted by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute shows most Israeli parents are not satisfied with the level of the nation’s schools. 69% of parents feel the schools are simply not doing their jobs as they should and 64% feel the teachers are not as dedicated to their profession as they should be.

Dr. Anat Dofen conducted the study during the last two months; questioning 800 parents (470 families) who children attend state public and public religious schools. 60% of the parents feel the principal at their children’s school is not fulfilling his job as he should, 59% dissatisfied with the level of studies, and 58% displeased with the social atmosphere in the school.

Overall, the level of satisfaction is higher among fathers than mothers, in all the areas probed. For example, 45% of dads are pleased with the social atmosphere in school as compared to 40% among moms.

Regarding their opinion of the school’s principal, fathers rated his performance grade as 33% as opposed to mothers, who gave an even lower grade, 29%.

Regarding teachers, 60% feel their child’s teacher is doing a good job relating to their child, 55% approving of methodology, 54% feel the teacher genuinely cares, 50% with the teachers ability to teach, and the overall rating for teachers is 62%, not very impressive.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. OYE. The Beis Yaakov schools here in Jerusalem are aweful. Most teachers DO NOT CARE. I regret not sending my girls to one of the private schools.

  2. In answer to comment #1 from rebbenachman:

    You are making a very broad, sweeping statement. There are a great many Beis Yaakov schools in Yerushalayim. Have you sent your girls to all of them? And had all of the teachers?

    I am sorry you are dissatisfied with the Bais Yaakov school in your area. But to say that “the Bais Yaakov schools in Jerusalem” are awful? On what basis do you say such a thing? And that “most” teachers (most of the teachers in ALL the Bais Yaakov schools in Jerusalem???) don’t care?

    Many of my friends and neighbors (this covers quite a few neighborhoods) are quite satisfied with their Bais Yaakov schools, and find the teachers really do care, and really do want the best for their children, and really do work with them to solve problems, etc.

    Additionally, those teachers who I know personally, do indeed care.

    So, aside from the lashon hara of your comment, I seriously doubt its veracity, or your level of knowledge to even make such a statement.