IDF Embraces To’eva Month


While the Plesner Committee convenes to decide on the character of the new Tal Law to draft chareidim, insisting the IDF can and does accommodate torah observant Jews, the IDF has announced it is proud to also be home to those embracing Toeiva, offically recognizing to’eva in the military.

A photo of the backs of two male soldiers walking away from camera holding hands has been splashed around to give credibility to IDF statements of support for gays. The photo has the caption “It’s Pride Month. Do you know the IDF treats all of its soldiers equally” was also posted on the military’s international Facebook page.

While the military sees a need to bend over backwards sending the message of acceptability for to’eva, it remains steadfast in its unwillingness to permit a frum soldier to respectfully walk out during a kol isha performance, yet insisting it will compel chareidim to serve since the military can and does accommodate shomer shabbos soldiers and officers.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office confirms the two soldiers featured in the photo were aware it was being taken and consented to it being used to during to’eva pride month.

Sadly, the Facebook photo enjoyed many likes, over 6,500, and hundreds of visitors left comments praising the military’s position as a “liberal and progressive IDF”.

A Foreign Ministry statement called the positive response “heartwarming”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. And you are surprised? The whole idea of zionism is perverse and is against the natural order of things, i.e., against the idea that Jews should specialize in Torah and Mitsvos and leave the rest to the goyim. Some argue that the continued existence of the universe is contingent on our doing our job. So in that zionists have decided to be so “queer” in rejecting our responsibility for Torah and Mitsvos, why be surprised they find other ways to be consistently perverse.

  2. The only reason they want to Draft Charedim in the IDF is their desire to “destroy klal yisroel” so they are following the ancient idea of Bilom that “h’shem hates zimo”

  3. What a great medinah the Zionists have! What a “Jewish” state which all Jews are supposed to support! What else will it take for frum Jews to drop their support for the Medinah of Amalek?

  4. “Toeva Month” is simply a continuation of the annual Toeva parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

    These events are the equivalent of ten or more divisions of enemy forces threatening the security of our brothers in Eretz Yisroel.

    The political and military leaders of Israel are totally irresponsible!

  5. #3
    אל תפתח פה לשטן
    Your correct, but all we should do is Daven to Hashem that we shouldn’t hear of more Yidishe Tsores Chas Veshulem

  6. #3, instead of predicting doom and gloom, why don’t you predict that all Jews do teshuva so we won’t have to endure more of this galus?

  7. Rabosai,

    It’s another sign of yeridas hadoros. I served in the IDF a few years after the Yom Kippur War, in the late 1970s. The army really needed people. If soldiers (regular, bread-and-butter, non-frum Yiden) suspected anyone of being a practitioner of the toevah, they will simply beat him up, taunt him, and make his life miserable. Such a person would run to the psychiatrist and ask for exemption from military service, which was given him quickly. One couldn’t see toevah practitioners. They were hiding in shame and doing their thing in hiding. Now they do everything in the open. I heard they have clubs and bars. They openly demonstrate for rights.

  8. although I am not pro Toeva any more than you (comments above)are, when you guys rant about the evil zionists , you guys make me sick.
    Zionism is a love of Israel and the desire to have a jewish nation in the land of Israel . go read the chumash and tell me if we are supposed to love Israel.
    although I dont love certain things the government of Israel does the constant bashing of zionists seems foolish.
    Hashem was pretty mad at the meraglim when they started bashing Israel too.

  9. “nicejew” is not nice at all…..remember , this week is the week of the meraglim and the tragedy of dor hamidbor; ‘shehotsiu diboh ro-oh al hooretz”.
    to “yussel” : your comment is ridiculous- what mizrachi (and many other chareid gedolim) fought for is a land where torah is learned in abundance, where shabbos is imprinted upon people’s minds, where jews from all over the world can come home,and all of the above accomplished.
    when moshiach will come ,it will be a ‘dor binoh’ until then- we have to fight for the continuance of torah!

  10. Rabbiofberlin the only slander thats going here is yours wheb you claim that any of these imposters who support the zionist entity are actually gedolim toevahs like this are expected when you ignore the word of Hakodesh Baruch-hu and rebell against him and your claim that the torah is observed in abundance is also shameful and blatant zionist propaganda

  11. Listen all anti zionists this was a trampling of zionism not zionism. Zionism is the call of evry jew to go live in eretz israel with the torah not anti torah.

  12. Yes, Zionists are happy to remind us how angry Hashem was at the meraglim; what they conveniently forget to mention is that He was just as angry at the ma’apilim. The common denominator is that both substituted their own agenda for His. When He says “go” we must go, and when He says “stay” we must stay. Now which better fits the situation when the medinah was established?

  13. Was He really just as angry at the Maapilim? Hashem never complained a word about it, and they weren’t punished beyond the natural consequence of not being saved by Hashem.

    However, mentioning Meraglim is insincere, since nobody is complaining about the land here. I do think it is a bit of an old and outdated argument to complain about Zionists, though.

  14. Yussel, the answer is yes: whether they knew it or not, this is what the Mizrachi worked for. It’s the logical outcome of the treachery of 1902. And they’re still working for it by sitting in the treif government, destroying tznius in Beis Shemesh, ending support for avreichim r”l, trying to draft bochurim r”l, etc. etc. Whenever you see a srugi, have a word with him about it.

  15. milhous:To compare the meraglim to the maapilim is absolutely ridiculous. As one poster wrote, the maapilim died in battle- and we don’t find that HKBH had a special anger towards them. It was a RESULt of the meraglim’s sin that the maapilim died. With the meraglim, by casting aspersions on Eretz Yisroel, they changed the destiny of our people and HKBH punished that whole generation.
    chaim katz- your domments make no sense and don’t warrant a responsible answer.

  16. You’ve got to keep in mind that there is a big difference between the serious fighting units and the jobniks. The people responsible for this are jobniks who wouldn’t know what to do with a gun if they were handed one. Try pulling off such a stunt on my base and it wouldn’t go down so well.