Urgent Petition Filed With High Court Seeking To Permit The Chief Rabbinate Independent Legal Representation On The Matter Of The Kosel


Following the decision by Supreme Court President Miriam Naor that there is no reason to extend the State’s deadline to respond to the High Court of Justice on the outline of Kosel, with the deadline being Monday 23 Tammuz, attorney Ze’ev Sharaf has filed a petition representing organizations that oppose the Kosel arrangement. He filed and urgent petition for an order permitting the Chief Rabbinate of Israel be allowed independent legal representation.

“Since the attempts to obtain the Attorney General’s approval for a separate representation were unsuccessful, a petition is being filed,” explains attorney Sharaf, adding, “The position of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is that it is forbidden to change the rules of tefilla as the Kosel. The existence of ceremonies that are not in accordance with halacha at the Kosel are a Chilul Hashem and therefore, should not be permitted. This position of the Rabbinate is inconsistent with the position represented by the Attorney General”.

“The Chief Rabbinate, like any litigant, is entitled to exercise its basic and fundamental right to appropriate and proper representation by means of an attorney who will try to convince the court of its position, even during the preliminary hearing that will take place on the petitions”.

“The Supreme Court President’s unwillingness to permit the Chief Rabbinate to present its position in a worthy manner is another proof that the president is leading an extremist agenda and is not looking for justice”.

“We regret that the Court is obsequious to the extreme reformist elements who are threatening the State and Diaspora Jewry and closing their mouths to those who represent the true will of most of the citizens of the state who want to preserve the unity and holiness of the Kosel”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They are caught in a problem of their own creation. By insisting that the Rabanut is an arm of the “government”, then there is only one “government” position. We don’t need a “chief rav” for these matters since each segment of the tzibur insists they are not bound by the decisions of these political appointees who often seem to lack any judgment in their inappropriate comments about public policy issues. If they want to have their own lawyer, move the Rabbanut out of the government. Otherwise, they are bound to the government position.

  2. As Moshiach comes closer, the words of Eliyahu Ha’Navi on Har Ha’Carmel become more prevalent in regard to the Israeli government. “Ad ma’sai a’tem pos’im al sh’te ha’seipim?” – everyone has to pick a side. The government has to pick a side. They continue playing both sides – “we’re a democracy” and “we are Jewish and follow the Torah”. It can’t be both ways. Who am I to say anything anyway? They shut R’ Kahane down for mentioning this fact.