Jews Ask Poland’s Leader To Denounce Rising Anti-Semitism


The leaders of Poland’s Jewish community have written to the country’s most powerful politician, urging him to denounce rising anti-Semitism which they say is leaving them on edge.

Anna Chipczynska, the head of Warsaw’s Jewish community, told The Associated Press on Thursday the letter to Jaroslaw Kaczynski was sent last week. She said the community hadn’t yet received a reply.

In the letter she and Leslaw Piszewski, who oversees all Jewish communities in Poland, said they fear that Poland is becoming less secure for Jews.

They noted “an intensification of anti-Semitic attitudes in Poland, a brutality of language and behavior, some of which are directed against our community.”

Kaczynski is the leader of the nationalist ruling Law and Justice party. The party spokeswoman wasn’t immediately available for comment.



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