LOOK: This Is The Scene At Chabad Of Brickell, Miami – Area Under Water [12:00PM ET]


Videos and photos taken moments ago at Chabad, show the neighborhood of Brickell, Miami under water – as much as 2 feet.

The National Hurricane Center says Category 4 Hurricane Irma is now “headed for the southwest Florida coast” as winds continue to pick up speed in all of South Florida.

Irma continues to be armed with 130 mph winds as its large eye passes north of the Keys.

Storm surge is forecast for 10 to 15 feet in southwestern Florida.

Hurricane-force winds are continuing throughout southern Florida, including the Keys. The hurricane center warns that winds affecting upper floors of high-rise building will be much stronger than at ground level.

The hurricane center also emphasizes that Irma will bring life-threatening wind to much of Florida regardless of the exact track of its center.

(YWN / AP)


  1. The Rok Family Shul – Chabad Downtown Jewish Center has set up an emergency hotline for any Hurricane related needs please call 305-504-8440 – We have a team of volunteers who will do their best to take care of any Non-Life threatening Emergency issues

    Thank you to the 20 Volunteers who signed up. We already received many requests for assistance. If you are able to volunteer please sign up at http://www.Jewishdowntown.net/relief

    If you lost electric and need kosher food delivered – Brickell Kosher Deli will be delivering Kosher meals free of charge please sign up at http://www.JewishDowntown.net/irmafood

  2. Yeshiva news change your name to chabad propaganda. Everyday something about Chabad, and now their site to schnore money, st thomas, miami, st marteen, Where tomorrow. Enough let they schnore on their own web site. Sick of Chabad news. What about the other Yeshivas, cheder, etc in Miami how did they fare?

    Moderators Response:
    We will change our name. And we changed your name too.

  3. Moderator the truth hurts. Just be honest and look how many article. Why can’t you stand constructive
    criticism. You have shown that you are not looking for Emes. Must things you do are great but this should be taken as constructive criticism only

    Moderators Response: Yes. The truth hurts. The truth that you’re a self-hating despicable person. Tens of thousands of Yidden are displaced from home, many suffering damage, running from danger, and your sitting behind your computer screen slobbing on a fat overstuffed pastrami sandwich with the AC at 65 and making fun of a few good yidden who are actually helping people in an Eis Tzara? People may not have power for days, weeks and some for months. You want to know what happened to the Yeshivos. Ok – Is there a Yeshiva in St. Marteen? Is there a Yeshiva in St. Thomas? Is there a Yeshiva in Puerto Rico? Last we check there wasn’t. And last we checked you didn’t live there, and you apparently don’t care about other Yidden who DO live there and have lost EVERYTHING. And FYI, YWN published many stories about people other than Chabad helping during the storm, but your hatred and Sinas Chinam is simply blinding you from seeing that. we even published stories about Yeshivos that continued through the storm.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Just days before Rosh Hashana, and THIS is all you can think of? That YWN published a few articles about Chabad?!


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