MI K’AMCHA YISROEL! Hatzolah From Northeast Sending Convoy Of Ambulances To Miami


Thanks to an incredible amount of Achdus and work by dedicated people in the past two days, a convoy of approximately 20 Hatzolah Ambulances will be departing NYC on Sunday heading to Florida. Each ambulance is from a different neighborhood – from Kiryas Yoel to Baltimore – and will have a team of two paramedics and two EMT’s. Tons of extra equipment, along with SUV’s pulling Jet-Ski’s, a Boat, ATV’s and other special equipment will be in the convoy as well.

The group plans to leave on Sunday and will travel to South Carolina, where they will wait until the brunt of the storm has passed. They will then proceed to Miami and assist the local community with potential search and rescue and other emergency operations should they Chas Vesholom be needed.

Below are just a few pages of an emergency brochure printed for the volunteers that will be part of the team.

Central Hatzolah in NY wrote a letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott informing him of the planned mission to assist the Florida Community in their time of need – letter is attached below.

Stay with YWN as we will continue bringing you the fastest most updated information through Hurricane Irma.