WATCH THIS: Yeshiva V’Kollel Bais Moshe Chaim In Miami Beach Learns Straight Through The Storm!



The Bochrim at Yeshiva V’Kollel Bais Moshe Chaim in Miami Beach, Florida never stopped learning during Hurricane Irma. See the attached video and be inspired.

For over 40 years, HaRav Yochanan Zweig has inspired thousands with his brilliant and thought-provoking lectures and shiurim. His keen analytical approach challenges talmidim and adult learners, giving them a greater understanding and love for Torah.

In 1974, Rabbi Zweig moved to Miami Beach, Florida and opened the Talmudic University of Florida/Yeshiva v’Kollel Beis Moshe Chaim. What started as a Beis Medrash with ten students now thrives as one of the largest Yeshivas/Kollels in the Southeastern U.S.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. Kol hakavod. B”H the storm spared Miami Beach where Rabbi Zweig’s Yeshiva and the Miami Beach Community Kollel are located, amongst numerous Frum Shuls and Minyanim. Torah is maigin. Kavod bais haknesses is maigin. All the fear mongering fake news that the media put out, was all for naught. The Aibishter fersach de velt, not the yentas!

  2. Although I am trying to be dan l’kaf zechus will someone please explain to me one thing. Was that part of Miami Beach on the mandatory evacuation list. If no then as I said earlier Kol Hakavod. If yes then why is this a good thing? Although we have to be moser nefesh for Limud Hatorah, we are never told to stay in a Makom Sakanah for the sake of Torah learning. If anything this is something that I would imagine HKBH would frown upon.

  3. to the above posters (especially #3) the yeshiva was officially a hurricane evacuation site before it was a yeshiva and they probably get their electricity from Mount Sinai hospital which is a few blocks away (I heard it is on the same grid)

  4. To Coffee Addict: That is fine but if the Yeshiva for THIS particular storm was in an mandatory evacuation zone then they were WRONG to stay. It is a matter of pikuach nefesh regardless of past status and electricity capabilities.