Barak Says Gaza Militants To Pay Price For Tel Aviv Rocket Fire

(Thursday, November 15th, 2012 01:28 PM)

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, signaling stronger Israeli military action against Hamas terrorists, said on Thursday they would be made to pay a price for firing rockets toward Tel Aviv.

He also announced he had ordered the military to enlist more reservists “so that we can prepare for any development”. The Israeli armed forces chief spokesman said the military had the green light to call in up to 30,000 reserve troops.

In remarks broadcast after rockets were fired at Tel Aviv, Barak said: “This escalation will exact a price that the other side will have to pay.”

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An Israeli security source said one rocket, which triggered air raid sirens in Tel Aviv, landed in the sea. The military said another rocket fired at central Israel struck an uninhabited area in the Tel Aviv suburb of Rishon Lezion.


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  1. grateful2Hashem says:

    Simple solution is to cut off water and electric to Gaza…no need for fighting! Without water or electricity, the people in Gaza will have to back off! I say let Israel demand all their rockets as payment before turning on their water and electric again. I don’t understand why they don’t do this! they keep doing the same thing again and again expecting different results which is really the definition of insanity. Time for new tactics!

  2. good stuff says:


    I really like your idea.
    The only problem is, how does
    Israel know how many rockets they have?

  3. mayerfreund says:

    See Tehilim kapital 127 “im hashem lo yishmor ir shov shokat shoimer”. Since they are forcing the lomdey torah to close the gemora and go to the army and defend the state of Israel. Hhashem is removed from the picture of defending Israel and this is the price.

  4. grateful2Hashem says:

    @good stuff

    I think that Israeli intelligence knows approx. how many they may have. Another thing they can say to Gaza is that for every rocket they throw into Israel, we turn off your water and electric for a week. That will also work.

  5. ttw613 says:

    Since when is Torah learning exclusively for those living in Israel? Instead of criticizing the government (whether they are right or wrong) why don’t you get off the computer and go learn bzchut all of those who are fighting?
    May all of am yisrael put up a united front to bring Mashiach now

  6. mayerfreund says:

    to Mr ttw613
    since they destroyed is Israel tens of shuls in gush katif and in other settlements and not one of the church’s and mask’s they proofed to me that the state of Israel not a Jewish state at all. Since zechusim are only for Jews they don’t want any of that.

  7. Joe Yeshivish says:

    “Will pay a heavy price!”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ehud, you & your ilk, sound like a broken record! You’ve been saying the same “strong words” for all these years, with 0 results! Hey, tough guy. What are you really going to do? Lob a few more missles at some empty warehouses? The Arabs only understand one language. DEATH! Unless you take out a large number of those dogs, they will continue to laugh at you! Knocking out a few empty buildings, means NOTHING! You’ll say: we can’t do that. What will the UN say? Grow up already! The world hates Jews/Israel like poison whatever happens. Do what you have to do, the World/Media will shake their finger @ Israel for a few weeks and mi geyt viter! Anything less is suicide by the Israely “leadership”!

  8. steveredman4 says:

    Heck yes!! or maybe we should just make sanctions like we did for Iran. We see how well that worked out for us. Arabs are gonna pay.

  9. torahtotty says:

    May H”B protect the people of Israel from our enemies. ALL should read Kapital 70 asking H”B for his help in defending Klal Yisrael.
    Everyone should keep their politics out of this. The time has come when Jewish Lives are in direct Mortal Danger and ALL men as the Torah calls for must go out to war and defend Klal Yisrael. The Torah clearly calls for a Tzifat Hashem, and it is our Holy Torah that demands we put down our sefarim and pick and weapons in selfdefense.
    When we left Egpyt we has swords at our sides and yet at the Yam Suf we were indecisive
    Pray for the fullfillment of the Pusak in Yeheskal that says in the End of Days the first born son of Avraham will be wiped out in a single swoop, Ishmael

  10. Yanky55 says:

    #1- You don’t understand why this isn’t being done? I asked my father in Israel this very same question today. He said the answer is simple. The govt has no backbone and is run by a bunch of idiots!

  11. Gadolhadorah says:

    I’m constantly amazed at the armchair generals who sit back at their computers criticizing the generals who run the war. Whether you like it or not, the government of EY has to balance their response to the terrorist with global political opinion. They will have to do all they can to minimize “civilian casulties” and avoid creating a humanitarian crisis in gaza or the west bank, notwithstanding the provocations by Hamas.

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