Kiryat Motzkin’s Rav Opposes Café Opening on Shabbos


For the past years, the café in question was operating with a kashrus certificate from the Kiryat Motzkin Rabbinate but of late, the owner decided to return the certificate and the store now operates on shabbos.

While the community is not primarily chareidi, there are many shomer shabbos and traditional residents who are displeased to see the café opening its doors on shabbos, especially since it is located near three shuls.

According to a BaKehilla report, the chief rabbi of the municipality, Rabbi Dovid Mordechai Druckman is calling on area residents to boycott the café in the hope of persuading him to close on shabbos as was the custom during past years.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Since a Jewish-owned and operated store that is open on Shabbos is obviously not kosher, why would anyone who cares what the rabbi says need to be told to boycott.

    If the owner doesn’t hold by Shabbos, and is obviously hiring Jewish works for Shabbos, there is no way to trust the owner on kashruth. The excpeption only occurs (as in often in the case in America, outside of New York) if a store is owned and staffed entirely by goyim, and has a very limited menu (such as a coffee shop) – and not everyone holds that exception (common for selected “Dunkin donuts” in some areas) is valid.