Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah – A Decade of Giving


They were a beautiful, happy family, leading full, busy lives, living in the heart of Flatbush. A father, a mother, eleven lovely children…their lives were rich; their days, busy; their moments full of joy and the simple pleasures of life. And then, within just a short time, illness struck not one, but both parents. The mundane challenges of daily life in a large family became things of the past, replaced by a looming fear of the unknown.

This incredible couple, Rabbi and Mrs. Zev and Chashie Weiss, held strong in the face of this tremendous test and accepted their suffering with love. Together they thanked Hashem for every breath, and continued to praise Him for His infinite love and kindness, for their beautiful family, for another day of life. They spread their steadfast emunah and bitachon to their children, who strengthened themselves and concentrated their efforts on amassing zechusim for their dear parents. Upon the advice of Gedolim, they undertook the mitzvah of Hachnosas Kallah, creating what would one day become known as Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah – the wonderful organization that furnishes the very basics of needy new homes in Klal Yisroel.

Sadly, within four months of each other, both Reb Zev and Chashie’s pure souls were taken from this world, leaving a bereft family; a ship without its captain. Rather than succumb to despair, these children rose to the challenge and remained strong, committing themselves to continue helping the kallahs as an aliyah for their dear parents’ neshamos. Today, Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah is a thriving organization to which so many needy families turn when blessed with the joyous, yet so financially draining occasion of marrying off a child.

Each year, hundreds of eligible kallahs in our communities are provided with quality beds and dinette sets. From the moment the application is received until the furniture is delivered, care is taken to preserve the dignity of the kallahs. Often, neither the chassan nor the kallah are aware of the source of the chessed, as it appears to be a regular delivery from a well-known furniture store. All the work is done by dedicated volunteers, which enables the funds raised to go directly toward the kallahs.

Who needs Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah?

Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah’s recipients are your fellow Yidden. They may be your co-workers, neighbors, friends, or even your own relatives. In today’s difficult economic situation, even those who appear to be comfortable may be struggling financially.

This year marks the tenth yarhtzeit of Reb Zev and Chashie A”H. A decade has passed since the untimely petirah of this extraordinary couple – a decade of great loss; of missed milestones; of attempting to fill the tremendous void they left. A decade, as well, of giving; of reaching out to others; of amassing zechusim for their neshamos by bringing the mitzvah of hachnosas kallah to unprecedented levels.

Your contribution to Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah goes a long way in helping establish another Bayis Neeman. Now more than ever, Chasdei Chashie is being inundated with calls, and they need your help to enable them to respond to the staggering amount of requests. Feel the pain of these needy families, be truly nosei b’ol chaveircha, and join this special organization in their upcoming Chinese Auction. Bring Rabbi and Mrs. Zev and Chashie Weiss pure nachas in their exalted places in shamayim by supporting the everlasting heritage that carries their names. To participate call 718-253-1627 or visit

CHASDEI CHASHIES AUCTION – DRAWING WILL TAKE PLACE TONIGHT, FOLLOWING OUR ALL DAY EVENT AT 1572 E. 10th ST. Come be inspired by Horav Moshe T. Lieff at 1 pm. Enjoy a delicious buffet and much more. Please join  us, or take part by calling in tickets to 718 253 1627 or