Several Sickened By Kugel Poisoned With Insecticide Spray Served at Shul Kiddush in Beitar Illit


The Darchei Torah Shul on HaChozeh M’Lublin Street in Betar Illit has a minhag of having a kiddush every Shabbos after davening. This past Shabbos, mispallalim detected a strange taste when eating the kugel, somewhat sharp -differing from the traditional taste. Some of the mispallalim vomited, claiming the kugel was spoiled.

According to the Kikar Shabbos report, a can of insect repellent, K-300, was found on the kitchen floor, leading the gabboim to believe that youths thought it would be “cute” to spray the kugel with the K-300, which they found in a closet in the shul.

The gabboim are confident it was the act of misguided humor and nothing more, telling Kikar Shabbos News they are confident this was not a malicious act.

It is added that some of the mispallalim have recently reported break-ins into their homes while they were in Shul. Some suspecting the thieves may have looked for money in the shul, and when nothing was found, as out of an act of anger and frustration, they sprayed the K-300 onto the kugel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It sadly looks like you are quite right Solo2018. In London, the Kedassia kashrus authority mashgiach seals over trays of kugel that are left unattended overnight, so that if anyone has tampered with it before kiddush, it will be noticed. Unless, of course in this case of Betar Illit, it was left in a kitchen of a place where everyone is so self-assured and has patted themselves on the back declaring everyone there as frum and trustworthy so no need to worry. Wake up everybody! A mashgiach is appointed for very good reasons. Speak to your Rov to organise it and do whatever he says, then everyone will be healthy in this world and the next!

  2. Do you believe every shul has a “mashgiach” in the whatever is used for a “kitchen” to prepare foods for serving at Kiddush every Shabbos??

  3. That is exactly the point I’m making! Time for a true story for you….
    One Shabbos morning, A Kedassia licensed caterer had been hired to supplying the kiddush. Therefore, there was indeed a mashgiach checking the food as it left the kitchen after davening. One of the non-Jewish waiters who is often hired to serve from the kitchen, complained that usually stuff is left on the hot plate so he can prepare food the way he knows best. He complained “I came in early before prayers start, to pour a little bit of cold water as I usually do, over the hot kugel, just to keep it more moist for when it is served about 3 hours later. I couldn’t do that today because the Rabbi had his tape stuck over it”.
    So tell, me Mr Gadolhadorah, does the Betar Illit story tell us who is in charge anywhere? Apart from bishul on Shabbos, Hefkerus can mean be traifus, poison or worse, chas vesholom!
    Like I said, it’s time to wake up to watch what happens in the kitchen.

  4. We are living in dangerous times
    The Shul needs to appoint someone to be in charge of the Kiddush.
    I agree with the comment that it is very important to make a few Simanim.
    You can also put tape around the entire warmer. It is very easy to make a good Siman.