Israel: What’s on the Menu for Pesach


matzahIn Eretz Yisrael, Pesach is more than matzos speaking strictly from a gastronomical point of view; including impressive amounts of fish and of course eggs.

According to Ministry of Agriculture and fish industry officials, the demand for fish increases 75% for Pesach compared to the remainder of the year. Carp’s popularity increases significantly, doubling during the Pesach season. The demand for eggs increases 10% for the Yomtov.

1,100 tons of carp will be sold for Yomtov along with 800 tons amnon (tilapia) and 300 tons buri (mullet). In addition a combined 600 tons of corvina, bass, and other varieties of fish will be sold for a total of 2,800 tons of fish.

Local fish experts report the average Israeli will consume 10kg annually while other Mediterranean nations average 15-30kg per person.

Officials report 70 million eggs are used during the Yomtov season, with most consumers opting for regular chicken eggs. Two percent of the public will opt to spend the extra money for organic or free range eggs.

In Israel, 3,000 egg growers will produce 1.8 billion eggs annually. Israelis consume more eggs than most Western nations, ranking fourth behind Japan, France and the United States.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)