Video: World’s Most Famous Mohel, Rabbi Romi Cohen Endorses Salgado For Mayor



Holocaust survivor and the world’s most famous mohel, Rabbi Romi Cohen formally endorsed Rev. Erick Salgado for mayor of New York City. At a gathering in the home of Rabbi Cohen, attended by Orthodox Rabbis, Rabbi Cohen, who has conducted over 30,000 brisim, said, “I know one person who has in mind family values, ethics, morals and religious freedom, and this is Erick Salgado. He not only understands it but is willing to fight for it. If he becomes mayor he’s going to punish all those people who are trying to destroy ritual circumcision.”

“‘Therefore, it’s the obligation of every person, who’s concerned about the future of New York and the future of our lives and our children, to elect a person like Erick Salgado,” he added.

In accepting the endorsement, Mr. Salgado stated, “I know my accent might be strange. My accent might be different. But my values are very similar to the Jewish community. I believe in big family structure, in G-d Almighty, in family and tradition. And that’s what separates me from the rest of the candidates.”

“Many of the candidates are very liberal and they mock us because we believe in G-d, because we believe in our religion,” he added.

In a poll published this week by Marist, Mr. Salgado earned the support of 2% Jewish voters, which means he’s got at least 5% or more among Orthodox Jews.

In a recent YWN straw poll, conducted following a forum on Jewish issues, Mr. Salgado, whose Orthodox supporters are passionate about his candidacy, got the support of 26% of those who attended the event and participated in the poll.

Video by: Shimon Gifter

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Most famous mohalim bring to mind, Rav Pesach Krohn, Rav Weisburg (father ztl & son shlita), Rav Sasson,(father ztl & son shlita), Rav Bronstein ztl who brissed over 30,000 people with more than 6,000 behind the iron curtain & was tortured for that by the Russians, Rav Pirutinsky ztl. I have never heard of the distinguished mohel mentioned in the article.

  2. Calling someone “most famous” anything is unwarranted unless there is some factual basis for the statement. If someone has taken a poll of famous mohels, that should be reported whenever someone is called “most famous mohel.” Otherwise, the “most famous” characterization is inappropriate if not inaccurate.

  3. I’m amazed that so many of our younger generation don’t know Reb Avrohom Hacohen. He has done more than 35,000 Bris Milahs, probably more than anyone else in the field.

    He is known internationally as a war hero, having fought the Nazi SS troops in nthe mountains of Slovakia as “The Youngest Partisan” at 16 years of age (the name of the Artscroll book on his WWII exploits).

    He has trained more than 80 mohels, who are members of his organization.

    Look, he not be a famous “magid,” but, in the the world of Bris Milah, he’s number one in both professionalism and ehrlichkeit.