Brooklyn DA – Brooklyn Pols Denounce Joe Hynes’ Yiddish Ad


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[VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] Brooklyn pols called on incumbent Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes to take down a racist-claim ad that attributes his double-digit loss in the Democratic primary to “the minority element that seeks lawlessness.”

Congressmembers Jerrold Nadler, Hakeem Jeffries, Yvette Clarke and Assemblyman Dov Hikind attended a press conference today denouncing reported derogatory emails and the Yiddish ads by Mr. Hynes’ campaign.

“Joe Hynes should stop lying to the people of Brooklyn,” said Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. “He should stop trying to inflame racial and religious tensions here in Brooklyn.”

Mr. Jeffries charged that instead of exiting the stage with dignity, Mr. Hynes raced to the arms of “Tea party Republicans” and “he’s been operating from their vile playbook ever since.”

The ad in Yiddish “is a straight racist appeal and it’s wrong” said Rep. Jerry Nadler. “It is also an insult to the Jewish community, to think that the Jewish community would be swayed by this type of rhetoric, that this type of racist appeal would be successful. We are here to call him out on it, to denounce it and to demand that he either repudiate this and tell us that he didn’t know about this, or that he apologizes for it.”

“The ad is meant only to create divisiveness, create hate between one community and another community,” charged Assemblyman Dov Hikind, as he held up the ad in front of the cameras. “This is the kind of materiel that crosses every line imaginable. This is hate-mongering. I was absolutely astounded and shocked beyond belief that a District Attorney – someone who’s supposed to enforce the law – would stoop to this level of hate-mongering. It’s beyond comprehension.”

“This ad is pure hate,” he added, flagging the newspaper. “And DA Hynes is responsible for it.”

Crown Heights representative Yvette Clarkes also echoed her colleagues’ plea to Mr. Hynes to denounce the ad. “This ad is truly an attempt by DA Hynes to create a wedge between our communities,” said Congresswoman yvette Clarke. “This egregious act will not work in the last minutes of this ampaign. We are here to call out this ad and encourage our Jewish brothers and sisters to denounce this type of campaigning.”

Mr. Hikind also responded to the derogatory emails that he was mentioned in, as reported by BuzzFeed. “I’m not going to address that. I don’t know enough,” he told YWN. “But there’s been a trend in the Hynes campaign. They are desperate and are doing this to create fear in Borough Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg and Crown Heights. We’re not stupid. We know what this is all about. This is to create fear. And I resent this kind of hate. It is not just one line; this entire ad is made to create fear.”

“It is not a mistake. You can’t misinterpret this ad. Its line after line saying to the Jewish community that the candidate that is running against Hynes, Ken Thompson, is… you know make him into a boogeyman. It’s to scare people.”

“All DA Hynes has to do is, to say ‘I didn’t see it. I am sorry.’ Saying I’m sorry goes a long way,” he added.

Watch video of the press conference:

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Im very sorry, but sounds to me like Jerrold Nadler, Hakeem Jeffries, Yvette Clarke and Dov Hikind are talking the devisive hate message, by calling tea party people hateful extremest is right out of obamas playbook. Tea party people are real Americans and the elitist life long politicians rightfully view us as a threat to them. i dont know much about this race but having seen this hateful video id support hynes

  2. Thompson advocated for the liar who falsely accused Dominic Strauss Khan of sexual assault.

    He also opposed the stop and frisk policy which has caught many criminals and their illegal drugs and illegal weapons, before they could harm innocent people.

    That is supporting lawlesness and there is nothing racist about saying so.

    Since this group is falsely calling that racists they are admitting Hakeem Jefferies (and by extension, those who stand with him) must think the Tea Partiers are all one race and he is using racism and race baiting, to smear Tea Partiers with.

  3. Commenters 1 and 2 offer a evidence in rebuttal of Congressman Jerold Nadler’s statement that the ad is an insult to Jews, who, Nadler said, would not be fooled by the falsehoods in the pro-Hynes ad.