IDF Sponsored Anti-Chareidi Hate Courtesy of Galei Tzahal


glzThe anti-chareidi sentiment accompanying the current national government is not new, but at times, the remarks heard over the past year have struck a resounding cord – a reminder of the sad situation that exists.

The latest incident takes place over the airwaves, on Galei Tzahal (Army Radio). Broadcasters were in good spirits, for after all it was Israel’s 66th Independence Day. They spoke of which segments of society need to be diluted, and one promptly stated that the population that he would most like to see reduced is the chareidim, adding “they probably have the worst taste, of kneidelach, and that is very murky”.

Other panel members joined in, not wishing to be outdone. They agreed with their colleague adding “it’s murky because it’s kosher. “The murkiest restaurants are those with a hashgacha” another added.

Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) officials have issued an apology.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Wow. They clearly never visited Papagaio. And they should check out the filthy dives in the Shuk. Pigeons walking on halva, sparrows in the sacks of seeds, the baklava guy with an inch of cigarette ash about to fall in the mixture – B”H I am careful with kashrut, otherwise I’d have food poisoning. And just how were they proposing to “dilute” the frum population? Mandatory sterilization at birth?

  2. And can you imagine if that was said on American. media about ANY minorities? We saw what happened with Donald Sterling when he went on his rant….

    Face it Israel. You lack the basics in democracy.

    (Keep in mind, Galatz is a govt funded station.)

  3. Somebody shoild remind these clowns that the people at entebbe who suffered food poisoning were the ones who “didnt worry” about kashrus(tongue in cheek) dota bloch would still be alive if she hadnt choked on a piece of treif etc but they pretend to wondrr y ee want nothing to do with milotary service

  4. In the United States, a civil servant or on-duty military person who displayed such bigotry towards any segment of society would be out of a job. In the past there were exceptions. A century ago, it was okay to make such comments (and worse) about Indians and Blacks and Asians. Hareidim are to today’s Israel, what Blacks were to America under Jim Crow, etc.

  5. My uncle (who left yidishkeit after the war) said the same thing 2 generations ago, when I was a kid. I vividly remember it and it left a lasting negative impression on me. I was young and naive and didn’t really understand then, today -I’m shocked that the metzuyan in his gemorah class before the war could even think along those lines.

  6. the word they used was not “murky.” It was Masrichim- stink. It was intended to be childish humor, but it waas about as funny as saying that black people smell funky.

  7. This should be a wake up call to everybody about the value of the promises made by the government and the army about respecting religion

  8. The restaurants with hashgacha people go there to eat and bentsch. the ones without they go there to fraternize, impress, and co-mingle,
    אוכלים ושותים ומתריזים that shouldn’t be called s resturant. the only thing u wonder why are cheridim living there.