VIDEOS: B’chasdei Hashem Major Terror Attack Averted Along Gaza Border


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Thirteen terrorists during the predawn hours tried infiltrating into a southern Israel community via a Gaza terror tunnel. B’chasdei Hashem they were detected and the attack was averted. There are no injuries among IDF soldiers involved in the shootout.

At about 04:00 on Thursday morning 19 Tammuz terrorists were detected exiting a tunnel near Kibbutz Kerem Shalom and Kibbutz Sufah. A large IDF force including elite units were dispatched to the area. IDF Southern District Commander Major-General Sammy Turgeman instructed residents in area communities to lock themselves in their homes until given the all clear. They were in lock down for a number of hours.

There were at least thirteen terrorists that emerged from the tunnel. Soldiers opened fire at them, quickly receiving aerial support. After five terrorists were killed the others fled back into the tunnel. The air force continued bombing the tunnel with them inside accompanied by navy and tank support.

Forces spread out and began checking the area to make certain there were no terrorists at large. It took hours until commanders were certain that terrorists were not lurking in the area.

Channel 10 News reports the tunnel used was bombed in the first days of Operation Protective Edge. It appears the terrorists accessed the tunnel from a different direction and made their way into S. Israel.

In the photo below some of the RPGs and other weapons found on the scene are displayed.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo: IDF Spokesman)


  1. Baruch Hashem, the Aibishter protected Klall Yisroel once again!

    And these are the people that Obama/Rice are forcing Israel’s hand to make “peace” with???