Abu Mazen’s View of Peace & Dual Existence


abasWhile the Israeli left and the international community continue the Oslo mantra, calling for the implementation of the two-state solution and dual existence, the dream of Israel and the PA living side-by-side, the dream is not one shared by the PA (Palestinian Authority) leadership.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has ordered a stricter law to prevent any of his residents from selling land to Jews. Anyone who is convicted of such a crime will now face life in prison with hard labor and this includes not only selling land, but renting to anyone from an “enemy state”, which includes first and foremost, Israel. The old version of the law was a prison term with hard labor but not life imprisonment.

Interestingly, the Israeli left remains outraged at statements made by Tzfas Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, who stated halacha does not permit renting or selling land in that holy city to Arabs. His words so outraged the left-wing community that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein felt compelled to send letters to the 48 members of the voting body in the Jerusalem Chief Rabbinate election to warn them against voting for Rabbi Eliyahu. They have labeled him a “racist” and an “extremist”, yet the very same myopic individuals including Justice Minister Tzipi Livni continue to call for advancing peace-making efforts with the PA, which include major land concessions by Israel in their vision. They remain unscathed by the PA’s racist attitude and policy, insisting Abu Mazen is a true visionary and peace-maker Israel has waited for to bring an end to the years of conflict in the region.

These people are unable to explain how the model of dual existence works when PA residents may enter Israel but an Israeli entering a PA autonomous area is in violation of the law and placing his/her life in perilous danger.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There is nothing in the mind of Abbas, or any other Muslim (I intentionally include Obama in this) that approves of the continued existence of Israel or Jews anywhere else in the world. Abbas, and other Muslims mistakenly labeled as “moderates” are rabid terrorists who wish death on all of us. They have suited themselves in Western dress and spoken English long enough to convince the world and those Western politicians who are either anti-Semitic, plainly evil, or intellectually challenged that they are partners for peace and civility. The facts reflect otherwise. Abbas just waited to reconnect with Hamas, and he now is more brazen in his outspoken rhetoric against Israel. We are all watching his unbridled audacity. He always preached terror in Arabic. He now does it in other languages.

    These animals need to be exterminated. Yes, all of them. Nothing but the eradication of this evil will permit the world to live in peace. The military industry will always be busy manufacturing arms just to deal with Islamic terror and war. Until toe world recognizes this, we are in for difficult times. Hashem yatzileinu.

  2. The Arabs will not object to a two state solution as long as it doesn’t involve non-Muslim occupying Arab territory, such as if the Jewish state is on eastern Long Island. However any knowledge of history shows why the Arabs will regard Tel Aviv and Hadera and Kiriyat Gat (all of which were zionist creations) as occupied territory. The only solutions are to either accept a permanent state of war (the zionist solution) or to limit the Jews’ demands to some sort of autonomy (preferably well armed) within an Islamic state (the hareidi alternative). Expecting the Muslims to agree to a permanent non-Muslim state in Eretz Yisrael is now, and will always be, unrealistic (at least until Meshiach come since presumably he can defeat the Muslims).