Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Yated Neeman For Not Publishing Photos Of Women


yatedThe Supreme Court on Sunday night 24 Adar ruled in favor of Yated Neeman in the case of a petition against the newspaper by the chareidi women’s party “B’Zechutan” which seeks to compel the newspaper to show photos of women in its publication. The women’s party took its case to court after chareidi media refused to accept paid election ads containing photos of women.

Last week a lower court ruled that Yated and Yom L’Yom, with the latter affiliated with the Shas party, must accept the ads, but the High Court on Sunday overturned the lower court’s ruling after Yated appealed the ruling.

Yated officials stated “Even the High Court realized the petition was vexatious and we are pleased to continue upholding our principles”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. These reshantas are not chareidi women. They are outside instigators and saboteurs who think they can infiltrate the chareidi world by falsely portraying themselves as chareidi women in their quixotic and useless attempt for running for office. They have been ignored and are non-entities.

  2. Don’t think for a second that the decision of those Kofrim and Reshaim on the court had anything to do with Torah values…..

  3. #2. Did the issue in court have anything to do with Torah values that would make your comment warranted?

    I seriously doubt it. The issue was probably more of whether a private business can print what they want to print.

    If it was solely on Torah values, the newspaper probably would have lost, since all the women would have had to do is bring all the other Chareidi publications in the world that do print tznius women’s pictures in their stories or ads.

  4. #2- Oh , like the “chareidi “publications that print”tyzniyusdige” ads of girs with skirts “just a bit” above the knees(c’mon what’s an inch here or there?) and “slightly uncovered necklines” (big deal,,its just a neck!) and way too tight clothing(oh, sorry-who am I to judge what’s considered tight ?) ahhh. you know -you’re right…..

  5. #5 Because the S”A (73:1 as well as Rambam Hilchos Ishus 13:11) pasken l’halacha that a woman’s place is as home. Which means they are meant to be seen as little as possible. Yeah, Jewish Law, I know.

  6. So now Woman of the Wall is charedi. I’m glad the supreme court didn’t allow anti religious bias to interfere with a simple ruling that a private publication can print what they want. If they would have refused to print pictures of tomatoes everyone would have ruled in their favor. It’s when they’re doing something because of religious principles that people start getting indignant.

  7. If a “woman’s place is in the home,” then who will support the family if the husband is learning Torah full-time?

    Don’t the Gedolim encourage women to vote? As far as I know, the poll booths are outside the home.

    Can anyone explain the difference between a woman’s running for office and working as a bank executive or high school principal outside the home?

  8. Avi: A politican, by nature, is to make public pronouncements for public consumption at large in the nation and to get their photo plastered over all the newspapers every Monday and Thursday. A school principal does not get anywhere near that exposure.

  9. The Supreme (Political Body and )Court,as is obvious, fully subscribes to
    “Politics is the art of the possible”

    Therefore,if their order probably will be ignored ,they must play along

  10. YESHIVA WORLD NEWS should keep to its name in this area too.
    As Rav Gifter ZT”L said about YU “Is it a Yeshiva or a Universiy”? Is this “Yeshivish’ or “World Newsish”?

    By the way a filter is available from TAG to block images, and some companies, as jnet & Nativ also block images.
    Kan haben shoel, why does YWN post such things? Mah yasseh haben vlo yechta? Answer ; no site is 100% Kosher, even if 99% Kosher, it is 1% TREIF!

  11. The supreme court has rendered a decision that would make any Mullah proud. Myabe they should move to Iran or Saudi Arabia where their views on women are more consistent with their own. That goes for biased rags like Yatid also.

  12. I have rarely seen such a bunch of mean spirited and nasty people. Is this really what passes for frum, let alone ‘bnei Torah’, in your worlds? Wow. Just, wow. Pat yourselves on the back, you guys. You just drove away someone looking for something Torah oriented. This ain’t it, nor do I think that most of those commenting here would recognize such a thing anyway.

  13. #5, I share your bewilderment. You might also ask what’s wrong with Rebbitzen Jungreis’ photo appearing at the top of her column in the Jewish Press all these decades. (I like to refer facetiously to the JP as “that left-wing rag” for that very photograph, in comparison to the “mainstream” practice that would ban it.)

    The court is correct in that Yated can refuse to publish whatever they want. What I have never understood is why a photograph of a woman is assur in the first place. Who can direct me to the earliest published psak saying so?

    I can find dozens of photographs of Sarah Schnerir and her students on the Web from around 100 years ago. I suggest there were no halachic objections to their publication back then. Why do we have objections now?