Eida Charedis And ‘Natruna’ Launch An Arabic Campaign: We Don’t Go to Har Habayis



The Eida HaCharedis along with the anti-Zionist Natruna organization are fundraising for a campaign to appear in Arabic language newspapers in areas of eastern Jerusalem in which they will explain the chareidi tzibur does not visit Har Habayis as opposed “to the Zionists”. The Yiddish flyer informing the tzibur seeks monetary support, explaining the Eida Chareidis in Yerushalayim has asked for the campaign to raise the necessary funds to get the message out to the Arab-speaking community.

Pashkavilim in Yerushalayim from the Eida emphasize the prohibition of visiting Har Habayis, mentioning “persons in chareidi garb” counted among those who visit the holy site.

The Yiddish flyer speaks of the importance of getting the message out to the Arabs, that chareidim are not counted among those who visit Har Habayis. It states in the past HaGaon Rav Chaim Zonnenfeld ZT”L published a call in Arabic speaking of the prohibition of visiting Har Habayis, now calling on chassidim to repeat this campaign today.

The flyer calls on those wishing to merit being a part of this to give $100 and those with the means to donate $500.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I am sorry but I don’t understand. Is it possible that the Eida Charedis And ‘Natruna’ believe the Arab lies? This isn’t about Jewish visitors going to the Temple Mount. This is about the Arabs inciting one another with hatred and lies in an attempt to drive us out of what they have been brainwashed to believe is their land. What are Eida Charedis and “Natruna” trying to do – cause an even greater rift between Jews? They are saying that the Arabs should turn their venom from us and turn it on the chilonim? What ever happened to standing strong for one another? I know that I am a simple Jew, but I feel more sickened and frightened by this than Yishmael’s current wave of violence.

  2. the prophet Yirmiyahu said that your destroyers will arise from your own midst. Recall that the Nazis went back generations to find jewish blood so that they could kill. iN EFFECT THESE MISGUIDED ( A KIND WORD) PEOPLE ARE SAYING DONT KILL US KILL THE ZIONISTS AS IF THEIR BLOOD IS REDDER THAN THAT OF THE ZIONISTS.

  3. a) Since the beginning Palestinian savages never differentiated between Charedim or Secular Jews (just as Hitler didn’t!) As a matter of fact it appears the typical characterization of the Hated Jew in Arab media is a caricature of a Charedi Looking Jew!
    b) This Actually ADDS TO THE DAMGER because the savages Smell Jewish Fear AND Potential Collaborators / Traitors (as we already see in Neturei Karta / Satmar) increasing their incentive of terror against all Jews – Do You THink a Arab terrorist stops to see if the victim looks Haredi?!?!? Have tese people lost Bitachon Or Achdus Yisroel At Times of Tsaar!?

  4. Send the $&$$$ instead to terror victims, their families & for medical care of the wounded.

    The Eida is becoming non-RELEVANT to its supporters. This is the most ridiculous flyer ever.

  5. This has nothing to do with Har Habayis, just as the Charedim who were massacred in 1929 were not killed because of the Temple Mount. And therefore this will not help them. But it is tragic how little they understand the reality of Arab hatred for Jews of all colors.

  6. Let’s be very clear why this is not an effort of anti-Zionism. First you will notice that nowhere in the top notice will you find ANY EXPLICIT condemnation of the Zionist ideology or State. Second, everyone knows that opposition to Zionism to not based on whether Zionist Jews are provoking Arabs by going to the Temple Mount or not. Anti-Zionism is based on the very existence of the Zionist state which itself is the result of heretical teachings and behavior, not the least of which is the Three Oaths, as well as other misdeeds that are described as expulsion, ghettoization, dehumanization and demonization of the native population, which is viewed to be not unlike what happened to the American Indians at the hands of the Americans in the 19th century.

    None of this is expressed in what Natruna is doing at all. AND JUST AS IMPORTANT – it is forbidden to designate an entire group of Jews as better or worse as a group than any other group of Jews. Without a SANHEDRIN it is forbidden to make inferences that another entire group of Jews is a fair target of the anger of the Palestinians while arguing that Jews who look “haredi” are “holier”. This is an absolute Chilul Hashem.

    FURTHERMORE, everyone also knows that “settlers” in this orientation implies only CERTAIN TYPES OF SETTLERS – and NOT HAREDI SETTLERS in Betar, Emanuel, Kiryat Sefer, etc. etc.

    Do Natruna REALLY BELIEVE that it is acceptable under the laws of the Torah to intimate that hassidic looking settlers are HOLIER than others, who are essentially FAIR GAME for Arab revenge??

    THIS WHOLE APPROACH IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. I implore every reader to read my posting from beginning to end several times and come to your own conclusions.

  7. It’s so funny how people get all bent out of shape when the Eidah says things. Hello people! These people are not saying chiddushim! This is not something that requires you to be a member of Satmar to believe in. ALL THE GEDOLIM prohibit Har Habyis. A big part of that concern is provoking the Arabs. Last year YWN posted an article about the Rishon L’Tziyon R’ Yitzchak Yosef speaking about this also.
    “In light of the recent sharp escalation in Arab violence and terror attacks, Rav Yosef is among many other rabbonim who feel visiting Har Habayis is a provocative act that will bring disaster to Am Yisrael.” – See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/270219/hagon-harav-yitzchak-yosef-slams-those-who-ascend-har-habayis-rabbi-stav-says-he-does-not-need-a-hechsher-from-anyone.html#sthash.ttJqGv0R.dpuf
    Everyone knows that this is why they targeted Yehuda Glick last year.
    I am not saying that the Arabs like Jews, but it is a stupid thing to just provoke them by going up. People are getting killed! It is not a time to “be right”. Therefore if this can save lives there is an obligation to save those lives. It is not that we hate the people who go up and wish they get killed. It is just that they are doing it to themselves. They put themselves in danger. It is unfortunate that they can’t make posters that say that ALL Jews don’t go up to Har Habayis. If they want to stop going up they would also be included in the sign.
    Anyone who complains about this (or the Mishpacha article) is like a person who drives drunk and is upset at the people who don’t want to get in the car with him. Like saying “You don’t care about my life, only about yours! If you really felt like we were all in this together you would get in the car! We need achdus!”. We are saying “No!” we feel bad for you and wish you would stop this drunk driving. But you don’t listen to us. So the least we can do is protect ourselves by staying away from you. Your still our brothers and we love you but we don’t have to suffer because of your foolishness.

  8. No one here is stupid enough to think that any two jewish organizations will in their right mind instigate retzicha.
    Rather, i assume, they are saying, that those who do go up there know that they are the instigators. And they bring retzicha from the arabs towards us R”L. And the Har habayis goers are guilty of the spilled jewish blood. So we have a Chov in protecting the innocent who have no hand in this retzicha, by announcing that WE have nothing to do with this.
    Of course every drop of spilled blood hurts. And we sure hope that they stop going up.

  9. To #9 and 10# –
    No one is arguing that going to Har Habayis is wrong. What’s wrong is the fact that they want to tell the Arabs that they should kill other Jews and not them. What’s wrong is that they think that the Arabs actually only care about Har Habayis and they don’t really hate Jews. What’s wrong is that they are so blinded by anti-Zionism that they just don’t see what’s actually going on around them. The same way that many people may agree with the actual hashkafa of the neturei karta, but going around and holding hands with murderers of klal yisroel is something that no proper yid would ever think of doing.

  10. What these jokers are doing is empowering our enemies. I’m not in favor of visiting Har HaBayis but if there are legitimate opinions that it’s halachically permissible then the onus is on them. But to brazenly put such ads in our enemies newspapers?? And you wonder why Moshiach hasn’t come!!

  11. Ushy, you are absolutely wrong. And I say that as an anti-Zionist Jew. There are may chovs to make peace with the nations, but it is FORBIDDEN to give the impression that one particular group of Jews are better, leaving the impression that OTHER Jews who are not part of THAT group, are sitting ducks. WHO IS “WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT”? Jews who have payos and wear black hats? Does that mean Arabs can take their revenge on OTHER JEWS who are not part of the “we”?? This is dinei nefashos we’re talking about. Natruna has made an enormous error of spending $75,000 on this effort! Why don’t they use the money to help Jews get out of the Medina? Or appease the Arabs by contributing to an orphanage? That would be a kiddush hashem either way. What they are doing really is wrong.

  12. It is particularly disgusting that they quote Rav Y. C. Sonnefeld. Rav Sonnenfeld did write a letter to the Arabs reassuring them that the Jews were not trying to take over the Har Habayis. It is printed. Nowhere does he differentiate between chareidim and zionists. It is the opposite of everything that he said and did. To the Arabs we are all the same. What the Eida is doing is revolting. They have been taken over by fanatics.

  13. how can u post such an appalling piece of news? shame on you yeshiva world.. and for all those that will actually send money to these terrible people… you should also make sure to wave a Palestinian flag with the other neturea carter outside the white house next time… really dissapointed in you ywn.

  14. Did they ask any gedolim about this (same question we put to Neturai Karta and the Hat HaBayis activists)? Why is this not in the category of being a moser nefesh (informer) to the goyim? As someone who tries to be yiras Hashem and to listen to the gedolim I don’t go on the Har HaBayis. Those who do are wrong and are not acting under Torah. So they merit our telling them so. But where is our heter to tell the Arabs?

  15. You can whine all you want about who says whether going up is kosher or not, but these idiots in NK support IRAN GETTING NUKES.

    I saw them at rallies to get our Senators to vote no and they SUPPORT IRAN GETTING NUKES.

    I as a Jew spit on them.

  16. All these people are doing is losing credibility for anything and everything.

    Are people going to continue to follow them blindly as they show they have no seichel or understanding of anything. (referring to Eida Charedis)

    They claim to be devoted to learning Torah, yet this shows their total lack of understanding about what the Torah says about Yishmael.

    They are also basically (and falsely) saying that “we’re the “good” Jews, leave us alone and go kill others.”

    Their stupidity can easily backfire, as the Arabs may target Chareidim, ch’v, to send these fools a message.

  17. lets make it more relevant… suppose a knife weilding arab is running through the streets of meah shearim looking for someone to kill. a good nk person points to a settler looking boy (ya know, big white yarmulka, sandles etc) and says thats the guy who goes up to the har habbayis,get him !!and ….
    is that ok?
    the rambam says its asur .we dont hand over or point out anyone.

    we keep building walls between ourselves until we forget that we are one..for better or worse.