VIDEOS AND PHOTOS: Heavy Flooding in Areas of Israel on Monday




Heavy flooding was reported in a number of areas around Israel on Monday, 27 Cheshvan amid another day of significant rainfall.

HaNamer Street in Ashkelon was hit hard and firefighters were called during the morning hours to rescue people trapped in flooded homes and vehicles. Police in the Lachish District report heavy flooding in areas of Ashkelon, stating a number of streets in the city have been totally cut off by water.

The police statement reports significant damage on Ben-Yehuda Street in Ashkelon as well, where a portion of the road simply collapsed under the water. Other Ashkelon streets that are flooded include Ben-Zoma St., Yitzchak Rabin Blvd. and Tapuz Street.

Flooding is also reported in many areas of Barzilai Hospital in the city. B”H there are no reports of injuries as a result.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: חדשות 101.5 + Police Spokesman)