Did Antennas Play a Role in the Illnesses of Shmuel HaNavi Residents?


yyoDuring a period of three years, four neighbors from Jerusalem’s Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood were niftar from cancer R”L. Residents feel that antennas and a generator in the area are responsible and they fear for their well-being and that of other community residents.

The residents of Shmuel HaNavi Street near Zvill Hall are concerned for their fear the cellular telephone antennas and Shabbos generator pose a danger to the health of area residents.

Among those who have died in the community were HaGaon HaRav Yaakov Yosef ZT”L, his rebitzen Netzchiya Yosef OB”M, HaGaon HaRav Yehuda Yair ZT”L, and Rav Emanuel Rabani Z”L. They lived in proximity to one another. There are currently community residents who are ill and currently battling the potentially deadly illness.

Kikar Shabbos News reports that some residents have turned to the Ministry of Environmental Affairs to document their concerns, seeking action to remove the devices.

The report quotes Yonatan Yosef, a son of Rav Yaakov, who says “People are being machmir. They insist on using a generator on Shabbos which is claiming lives in the neighborhood while the authorities prefer not to see anything”. He laments that people are being buried prematurely while everyone remains silent.

Yosef adds the antennas are also problematic. They are situated atop the girl’s school. He explains the antenna is smaller and as a result, “Works harder and emits more dangerous emissions”.

Yosef is quoted adding “People are afraid to move into the community. The antennas above the hotels are also not far from our homes. There is also the generator behind one of the area mosdos, which emits dangerous carbon – simply a danger”.

“We believe that everything is decreed Above, but we here must do our utmost and in this case, the generator and antennas are physical items that contribute to the cursed illness”.

Minister of Environmental Affairs Avi Gabbai confirms that Shmuel HaNavi Street has the highest level of pollution in Israel, explaining it is surrounded by many vehicles in every direction and industry in the area.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is very interesting, although incredibly doubtful that “antennas and generators” could be related. Were they ‘high risk’, e.g. Smokers..?
    On the other hand I walked through the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood yesterday and commented to my son that I distinctly smelled mold and an alkylate do hydrocarbon odor.
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