SCAM ALERT! Boro Park, Midwood Inundated with False IRS Calls


scamnAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) warned the local Borough Park and Midwood communities of several fraudulent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone calls to residents on Thursday afternoon. Callers claiming they’re from the “I.R.S” have been informing residents that they owe money, and to provide the last four digits of one’s social security number, or be threatened with jail time.

“If you get a phone call from the I.R.S., it’s a scam – hang up the phone,” Assemblyman Hikind said after receiving numerous complaints from local residents. “Whatever you do, don’t give out any of your personal information.”

The assemblyman went on to encourage residents not to be coerced into providing any information, and not to be deceived by phone calls from the Washington, D.C. area code (202). “Don’t be fooled by the threat of an arrest,” he said. “The I.R.S. doesn’t call you, they send letters if they want to contact you.”

Hikind suggested contacting the Attorney General’s office by calling-1-800-771-7755 should anyone receive a phone call claiming they are from the “I.R.S.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. they called me and he said he is officer anderson badge # so and so told me that tonight the court will take my house car and possible jail.several things did not sound right #1 he was indian anderson is not an indian name #2 the govt says internal evenue never irs they say agent not officer they say id# notbadge # so listen carfully so you could tell its a scam