PHOTOS: Kiryas Joel Hosts Event to Educate Community on Dina D’Malchusa Dina’



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Last week some 1,000 people were in attendance at the Paradise Hall in Kiryas Joel to attend a unique seminar on the obligations of “dina d’malchusah dina,” the Torah’s command to follow the laws of one’s home country.

A diverse list of speakers assembled to discuss the topic.

“It was a tremendous kiddush Hashem,” one of the organizers told Hamodia. “Because there is so much to know and it can be complicated, we wanted to take a proactive step in educating the community.”

Several prominent askanim from Kiryas Joel discussed practical topics and cases. Attorney Mr. Jack Laufer, discussed issues related to banks and mortgages.

Lakewood committeeman, Mr. Meir Lichtenstein talked about how much emotional energy is required of askanim in order to help the community navigate affairs with local and broader governments.

Orange County legislator Michael Amo offered a unique perspective when he spoke about how a village that “sticks out” like Kiryas Joel needs to be especially careful when dealing with the wider society, saying that since “not everybody appreciates” the town’s lifestyle even innocent mistakes can draw negative attention.

Bais Neeman, a Kiryas Joel-based organization that helps prepare chassanim establish their new homes, hosted the event. Upon hearing about the education being offered on the appropriate use of social services, the village authorities asked if it could be packaged as a seminar for the whole community.

“The feedback has been unbelievable,” the organizer told Hamodia. “It’s created a lot more awareness and we are looking for a way to take this initiative to the next level.”


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