Minister of Welfare Chaim Katz Visits Emanuel And Meets with Local Leaders


katzMinister of Welfare (Likud) Chaim Katz visited the Shomron on Thursday, 2 Adar I, including a stop in the chareidi community of Emanuel, arriving with members of his staff.

The minister met with Mayor Rav Ezra Gershi as well as Deputy Mayors R’ Eliyahu Tuval, R’ Moshe Chagiel and Councilman R’ Yechiel Cohen. The minister was briefed on the history of the community as well as ongoing activities, including the construction of 1,000 apartments and the expanding industrial park, which is providing additional employment opportunities.

The minister learned Emanuel has grown by 26% in the last four years despite waning budgets from the national government, which cut its operating budget NIS 4 million in each of the years. Gershi explained the need for additional assistance in creating employment opportunities.

Katz explained he is the son of Holocaust survivors who grew up in Bnei Brak, and is fond and feels a connection with the chareidi tzibur and will be working with local leaders.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)