Passenger Testimony on Egged 402 Crash: The Driver Was Traveling Way Too Fast!


z1Yinon Yazdi was among the passengers on the ill fated Egged 402 bus from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv on Sunday, 5 Adar I. He spoke with Kol Berama Radio explaining “My mazel is I sat on the side behind the driver. The person to my right on the other side was killed in the crash. B”H B”H I am here because of a miracle, nothing less, for I was a meter away.

“I heard shouts of ‘help me’ and ‘save me’ and there was a lot of panic. People were not sure what was going on but there were shouts to call ambulances because we saw some of the people were dead.

“It seemed like forever. Over 15 minutes passed and people were on the floor and the ambulances simply did not arrive. I am certain the bus is to blame. The truck was not moving. The driver in my opinion was flying, traveling way to fast. B”H the bus was half empty, and this too is a miracle.

“I was taken to Tel Hashomer. Right now I have some pain in my lower back and side of my face”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)