Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem And EL AL Israel Airlines Launch Partnership for Hotel Check-In


elalThe Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem has announced an exclusive partnership with EL AL Israel Airlines to offer guests the ultimate in ease and comfort for luxury travel to Israel.

Beginning 27 Adar-I (March 7 2016), guests at Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem will have the option to check in for all El Al flights departing from Ben-Gurion Airport from the hotel’s business center. Between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM (Sunday through Thursday), guests can check their luggage and print their boarding passes at the hotel. Guests’ bags are then transported by private courier directly to the airport. Once there, luggage is then scanned by security before being transferred to the intended flight, allowing passengers to arrive relaxed at the airport only an hour and a half before their scheduled departure.

This fixed scheduled service is available exclusively for Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem guests for a charge of 549 NIS plus VAT per person for up to seven people.

The agreement between the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem and EL AL was announced by the hotel’s General Manager Guy Klaiman and EL AL CEO David Maimon.

“Our vision is firmly focused on promising our guests that every aspect of their stay is defined by luxury and relaxation,” said Guy Klaiman, general manager, Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, “With this agreement, our guests can enjoy true Waldorf service until their very last moments in Israel and benefit from a natural partnership between two of the world’s premiere travel brands: Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem and El Al Airways.”

“The ‘Check-In from Home’ service began operating in the Summer of 2015 for all outgoing flights from Israel and has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback,” said Yehudit Grisaro, vice president, Customer Service, EL AL Israel Airlines. “As we envisioned at the time of launch, with this lobby check in, we are now expanding the service for the benefit of international customers returning to their homes all over the world. This partnership with Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is a natural collaboration that will enable all our customers to benefit from the high level of accommodation and service which defines this leading hotel.”

This service can be reserved by Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem guests at any time during their stay. Premium Check-In will serve as the operational partner for the service, responsible for all aspects of the process.

“Since we launched this service from Israeli homes in July of 2015, we have been proud to serve over 5,000 customers from around the country,” Nehorai Nativ, CEO, Premium Check In. “We are the first company in the world to offer these comprehensive services to customers both at home and in hotels. Thanks to this partnership, guests of Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem will be able to continue their vacation while their bags are taken care of.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Ahh just like the good Ol’ days when you could check in from Center One.
    I think this plan will fail because how often (other then sukkos)will people staying in the Waldorf be willing to spend $140 just to send their suitcase earlier to the airport. The people I know are still packing and deciding what to wear till an hour before the flight.