This Pesach, Your Life May Change




There are so many choices for Pesach. While the majority of families enjoy spending the Yom Tov at home, some travel to hotels in exotic locations all over the world, others rent an apartment in Orlando or Miami, and many go to one of the Pesach hotels in the Tri-State area.

hotel 1

When one thinks about a Pesach hotel, one conjures up being wined and dined a delectable menu, world-class entertainment, exemplary service, programs for tots, children and teens, swimming and fitness, lectures and so much more. Then there’s a different kind of Pesach hotel experience that features all of the above but is also truly invigorating and maybe life-altering.

BJX, renowned for its incredible warmth, inspiring and enthusiastic davening, stimulating, life-changing shiurim and innovative programming has teamed up with the famous Meisner’s Gourmet Catering of the Five Towns, with over twenty years in Pesach hotel experience, to offer the most uncompromising hotel experience.

Meisner’s & BJX will offer succulent buffets and Viennese tables, scrumptious 24/7 tea room, nightly entertainment by music superstars Yoni Z, Mendy J, and hypnotists, illusionists and magicians, a tot program, day camp by Avi Devor, the famed “Activity Guy”, teen program, a full fitness center, separate swimming and special VIP treatment. The magnificent and luxurious hotel in Stamford, Connecticut, just an hour from Brooklyn, offers elegantly appointed rooms and amenities.

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But there will be something much more exceptional and unique about the BJX Pesach program. This Pesach program will not only pamper you royally to satisfy the zman chairusainu element of the Yom Tov but the overarching theme and specific purpose of this particular Pesach program is to offer you seminars and spiritual nourishment and enrichment that will equip you with hands on tools to improve your interpersonal relationships, marriage, parenting skills, and solidify your relationship with Hashem.

We live in a changing world. Many relationships are strained, so many teens are, unfortunately, off the derech, and too many adults from our community are outwardly frum but don’t feel any internal connection to Yiddishkeit. BJX has truly changed the landscape for so many. Rav Yitzchok Fingerer, Morah D’Asra of BJX, has introduced to the community an animated and exciting davening, which has uplifted and transformed many people’s approach to Yiddishkeit. Shiurim at BJX are not run of the mill. They tackle and clarify Hashkafah topics and questions and analyze contemporary Halachic issues. The underlying theme is becoming a better person who is in touch with oneself but understands the need to reach out and care for others. More importantly, there’s a love and joy at BJX that is palpable and sincere. An entire week over Pesach with BJX will, without a doubt, rejuvenate and galvanize you to become a better Jew, parent, spouse or child.

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So many Yeshiva graduates have lingering questions that were never addressed or answered during their days in Yeshiva. Rav Fingerer will be presenting special seminars on Hashkafah, Jewish philosophy, including shiurim on evidence of Hashem’s existence and other intriguing and critical subjects. Rav Doniel Kalish, Morah D’Asra of Blue Ridge Estates and Menahel of Waterbury, is a pioneer in dealing with youth and teens at risk. He is world famous for helping rebellious young men become self-reliant bnei Torah and ovdei Hashem. Rav Kalish will offer seminars on parenting and Chinuch Habanim. HaRav Feitman, Mora D’Asra of Kehillas Bais Yehudah Tzvi speaks on every Torah related topic imaginable. His speeches have impacted generations and inspired the masses. Rav Moshe Fingerer will help us key into our inner, spiritual selves.

It’s a tough world. We all have challenges and constraints, our personal meitzarim. Can you imagine being surrounded by Torah personalities who truly care and are there to help you navigate life’s complexities? This Pesach you have a rare opportunity to truly experience malchus,and a Yetzias Mitzrayim, to be redeemed and liberated from ever present difficulties and gain crucial tools that will illuminate and enhance yours and your family’s lives.

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