TONIGHT: Israel Changing Over to Daylight Savings Time


clockOn Thursday night the eve of 15 Adar-II (Thursday-Friday), Purim Yerushalayim, Israel moves one hour ahead to daylight savings time. At 2AM clocks are moved ahead an hour to 3AM.

If one forgets to change one’s clock in the capital and many other cities that observe פורים דמוקפים , one may miss megillah on erev Shabbos morning.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why would Israel change on a weekday, and in the middle of a holiday during which many Israelis are less than sober. Every other country changes on a Sunday morning when everyone is sound asleep and the next day is not a work day.

  2. Akuperma,
    You answered the question yourself. In Israel, Sunday is a regular work day. So motzaei shabbos is out of the question. Friday night is irrelevant for religious reasons. That leaves Thursday night, as Friday is a semi day off anyway.