Israeli Leaders Working to Expand Ties with China


chisAs part of Israel’s ongoing effort to expand ties with China, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday, 19 Adar-II met in Jerusalem with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yangdong.

Mr. Rivlin met with the visiting dignitary in his residence. President Rivlin welcomed her and noted the importance of the two countries’ strengthening bilateral ties, and of the upcoming agreements which were due to be signed later in the day. He said, “Welcome to Israel and to Jerusalem, I know that you have an important role in the relationship between our two countries, and it is important for us to host you here and discuss the strengthening ties between our two countries. I would like to send my best regards to the President. We know that we have cooperation in a range of fields. Our two countries are known for our abilities in cyber and innovation, and the cooperation between our peoples is in the mutual interest of China, Israel and the entire world”.

Mr. Rivlin added, “China is playing a great role and you have a lot of influence in the Middle East, and while we may from time to time not agree on everything, we are pleased to strengthen the relationship and the understanding between us.”

Vice Premier Liu Yandong thanked the President for his warm welcome and said, “First of all thank you for taking time for meeting with me and the delegation, we are deeply touched by your warm hospitality and I convey to you the best wishes of the President. You have always attached great importance to the China-Israel relationship, and we appreciate your contribution to the friendship between our nations.”

She went on to note, “While I am here, we are going to sign a number of agreements on education, culture, science and technology, healthcare, and a range of other fields, I will also attend the first China-Israel forum of university presidents and attend a healthcare symposium. Israel is an important country in the Middle East with its own distinct features and China takes Israel very seriously.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)