2:15AM ET: NBC News projects Donald Trump wins Alaska.

2:06AM ET: John Podesta just spoke at Javits Center and told Hillary Supporters to go home and get sleep and more information will come out tomorrow. Hillary will not speak.

1:38AM ET: Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania.

1:18AM ET: Republicans retain control of the Senate with victory in Pennsylvania.

1:08AM ET: Fox News projects Hillary Clinton to win Maine.

12:43AM ET: Huffington Post to remove disclaimer calling Trump a racist and xenophobe from all stories going forward.

12:25AM ET: Fox News has projected Hillary Clinton to win Nevada.

11:36PM ET: Donald Trump has won Georgia.

11:33PM ET: Donald Trump has just won Iowa.

11:30PM ET: Donald Trump has won Wisconsin.

11:25PM ET: Hillary Clinton will win Oregon. (Fox)

11:17PM ET: Electoral vote count – Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton 222 to 202.

11:10PM ET: Fox projects Donald Trump will win Utah.

11:04PM ET: Fox News projects Hillary Clinton wins Washington.

11:02PM ET: Fox News projects that Hillary Clinton will win California and Hawaii.

11:00PM ET: Fox projects Trump wins Florida.

10:40PM ET: Fox News projects a Trump win in North Carolina.

10:26PM ET: Fox News projects Hillary Clinton wins Colorado.

10:20PM ET: NBC News is projecting that Ohio will go to to Donald Trump.

10:00PM ET: Fox News predicts Montana goes to Trump. Utah is too close to call.

9:58PM ET: Fox News is calling Virginia for Hillary Clinton.

9:57PM ET: BREAKING: The Mexican peso has seen its steepest dive in more than 20 years tonight.

9:41PM ET: Fox New projects Hillary Clinton wins New Mexico, and Donald Trump will win Louisiana.

9:24PM ET: Fox News projects that Hillary Clinton will win Connecticut’s seven electoral votes.

9:20PM ET: Moments ago, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon went on ABC and downplayed Florida’s importance to her ultimate victory: “Well, a state like Florida is important, but it’s important to keep it in perspective. There is a large portion of the vote still out in southern Florida,” Fallon said. “But while Florida is important in terms of if Donald Trump loses it, it’s very hard to see how he could get to 270, it’s not going to be decisive for him just if he wins Florida. He’s going to have to run the table. Not just win Florida, win Ohio, win North Carolina and then pull off a Michigan or a Pennsylvania, and right now, the latter two states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, we feel very good about.” (Via Politico)

9:13PM ET: “Donald Trump could very well be our next president of the United States”. -Chris Wallace, FOX News

9:11PM ET: Electoral vote count -Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton 139 to 97.

9:10PM ET: ALERT: Dow futures briefly down 200 as election results continue to come in. (CNBC)

9:10PM ET: Veteran pollster Nate Silver now gives the Republicans a 69% chance to retain control of the Senate, following a big pickup in Indiana and hold in Florida.

9:06PM ET: Fox News projects Senator Charles Schumer wins New York Senate race.

9:05PM ET: The New York Times is giving Donald Trump a 76% chance to win Florida, a critical swingstate.

9:00PM ET: Donald Trump will win Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and three out of five Electoral College votes in Nebraska, CNN projects, while Hillary Clinton will win New York.

8:36PM ET: CNN projects Trump to win South Carolina.

8:33PM ET: BREAKING: Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives, NBC News projects.

8:32PM ET: Trump Takes Arkansas.

8:29PM ET: Donald Trump projected to win Alabama.

8:09PM ET:Marco Rubio re-elected to U.S. Senate in Florida – AP Projection

8:07PM ET: Fox News projects Hillary Clinton will win Rode Island.

8:00PM ET: Hillary Clinton will win Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia. Trump will win Oklahoma, Mississippi and Tennessee.

7:50PM ET: Fox News projects Trump to win South Carolina.

7:44PM ET: Polls close in 16 states at 8:00PM ET — (AL, CT, DE, FL, IL, MA, MD, ME, MO, MS, NH, NJ, OK, PA, RI, TN) & DC.

7:31PM ET: Trump projected by Fox News to win West Virginia.

7:28PM ET: Polls close in North Carolina and Ohio on the half-hour. They will be too close to call; the Senate and gubernatorial races are also likely to be too close to call. Those aren’t the only states where polls close at 7:30 — there’s also West Virginia, which isn’t likely to be kind to Clinton. In the only state wholly contained within the Appalachian Mountains, Trump is on a trajectory to win all 55 counties.

7:13PM ET: North Carolina is extending voting in two counties.

7:10PM ET: A couple Senate races have been called already: Tim Scott (R) in South Carolina, Rand Paul (R) in Kentucky and Patrick Leahy (D) in Vermont.

7:00PM ET: Fox News projects: Vermont goes to Hillary. Kentucky goes to Trump. Indiana to Trump. Virginia – Hillary has a lead and too early to call. Georgia and South Carolina are too close to call.

6:53PM ET: In a few minutes, polls will close in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia. 60 electoral votes are at stake.

6:33PM ET: Fox News is told from several reliable Democratic sources with ties to Michigan that the state “will be tight.”

6:30PM ET: A polling location in Azusa, California, is currently on lockdown after a shooting happened nearby, and at least two people were wounded. The circumstances are unclear, as police report the situation is still active. Several nearby schools are on lockdown, in addition to two polling places. At this point it’s unclear if there is any connection between the shooting and the polling locations.

6:25PM ET: Guests are beginning to gather at Donald Trump’s election night party in midtown Manhattan. The GOP nominee is holding his event in the grand ballroom of a midtown Hilton hotel, where a stage has been decorated with dozens of American and state flags.

6:17PM ET: CNN: It’s very early and most polls have yet to close, but we’ve got our first results coming in. Trump 79.1% Clinton 18.0%

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump is ahead in Kentucky, a state that he’s expected to win.

6:15PM ET: Late deciders are breaking pretty evenly for Clinton and Trump, according to Fox News’ exit poll. Both are at 42%.

5:58PM ET: Polls close at 6 p.m. in portions of Indiana and Kentucky in the Eastern Time Zone — which includes most of Indiana and half of Kentucky. Projections won’t be made in either state until all the polls close an hour later, but the first votes will be tabulated beginning at 6 p.m. Don’t expect much drama. Polls suggest Indiana, with former Gov. Mike Pence on the GOP ticket, will go Republican by a solid margin. Kentucky will likely be called quickly for Trump since it will be closer to a blowout. The GOP nominee is particularly strong in the Appalachian portion of the state.

5:33PM ET: Colorado Secretary of State’s Office spokeswoman says voter registration system was down for 29 minutes; officials are investigating (Denver Channel)

5:23PM ET: 71 percent of voters say Donald Trump’s treatment of women bothers them, with only 28 percent saying it didn’t bother them. (Fox News)

5:21PM ET: According to Fox News’ exit poll, 62 percent of voters say Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when secretary of state bothered them, with 37 percent saying it didn’t bother them.

5:20PM ET: One of the exit polls coming out was that more than half of voters say the economy is the most important issue facing the country, over terrorism, foreign policy and immigration.

5:00PM ET: According to a senior Clinton campaign operative in Florida, the campaign is feeling confident about the Democratic turnout in the Sunshine state so far. With only a few hours until polls close in Duval County(Jacksonville), Dems only down 2,400 votes, per the campaign. This is a hardcore GOP county that Trump needs big numbers to offset southern Florida counties of Broward, and Miami-Dade where there has been a strong Democratic turnout.

4:30PM ET: BREAKING: U.S. voters want leader to end the advantage of rich and powerful, 72 percent think economy ‘rigged’ – Reuters/Ipsos exit poll.

4:27PM ET: The Center for Public Integrity has crunched the numbers on the ads, and here’s what they found — a stunning advantage on the airwaves for Hillary Clinton: “More than 500,000 broadcast and national cable TV ads have aired in the presidential race during the general election, and Team Hillary Clinton accounted for 75 percent of them.”

4:09PM ET: A software glitch that indicated scores of voters showing up at the polls had already cast ballots has led to voting delays in one of North Carolina’s most heavily Democratic counties. North Carolina Board of Elections lawyer Josh Lawson says officials in Durham County quickly concluded that there was a problem with their electronic poll books and began relying on paper rolls to confirm voter registrations. Attempts to vote twice are rare. (AP)

2:45PM ET: Donald Trump is rekindling his unsubstantiated concerns about a rigged election system. Asked Tuesday afternoon on Fox News if he would accept the election results, Trump continued to demur. The Republican presidential nominee said: “We’re going to see how things play out.”

He said. “I want to see everything honest.”

2:44PM ET: Metal barriers and dump trucks from the city’s Department of Sanitation lines the street outside Trump Tower — both of them precautionary protective measures on Tuesday afternoon.

2:30PM ET: Nevada’s RNC Committeewoman Diana Orrock said long lines in Clark County polling places she observed early Tuesday gave her hope that Donald Trump would ultimately take Nevada. The county, which is home to Las Vegas, is by far the biggest in the state.

2:05PM ET: JUST IN: 2 election clerks in Florida fired after “not working to the level of integrity they were trained to” (CNN)

2:00PM ET: Trump files Nevada voting lawsuit: They are suing Joe P. Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters, over a decision they allege he made to keep polling locations open “two hours beyond the designated closing time.” The lawsuit targets polling places in the greater Las Vegas area that have larger minority voting precincts. (CNN)

1:55PM ET: CBS Pittsburgh is reporting that voters in Clinton Township said they specifically wanted to vote for Republican Donald Trump only to see their vote switched before their eyes to Democrat Hillary Clinton. “I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” Bobbie Lee Hawranko told CBS.

1:50PM ET: Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova wrote a post on Facebook Tuesday saying FBI agents put “direct pressure” on Russian diplomats to stay away from US polling stations on Election Day, alleging that one such encounter took place near a polling place in Houston. She added that this was not an “isolated case.” (CNN)

1:35PM ET: Politico: Americans want a ‘Strong Leader.’ “The first results from the Morning Consult/POLITICO Exit Poll of early and Election-Day voters also show few voters are feeling joy and pride at the climax of the campaign. “Asked what characteristic is most important for the next president, 36 percent of voters say they want a ‘strong leader,’ 29 percent want ‘a vision for the future,’ 16 percent want someone who ‘cares about people like me’ and another 16 percent said they want someone who ‘shares my values.

1:31PM ET: President Barack Obama says his faith in the American people hasn’t wavered. Asked whether he was feeling nervous about the presidential election outcome, Obama said “I think we’ll do a good job” as long as the American people vote. Obama said he hopes everyone has “voted early. If not, get out there.” Obama supports Clinton and voted early last month in his Chicago hometown.(AP)

12:58PM ET: The Trump campaign is “feeling good” about the feedback it’s getting from precincts in key battleground states thus far, according to spokesman Jason Miller at Trump Tower. “We’re seeing good things in North Carolina and Michigan and Florida this morning,” Miller said from the Trump campaign’s “war room” during a segment on Fox News. “We’re tracking everything. Long lines. Short lines. Rain. No rain. We’re watching everything.” (Politico)

12:20PM ET: Eric Trump proudly took a photo of his filled-out ballot and posted it on Twitter, an apparent violation of New York’s ban on pictures of completed ballots. He quickly deleted the post, but not before a photo of the tweet was widely shared on the internet. (@erictrump on Twitter)

12:08PM ET: Election officials say voting machine problems in southern Utah are forcing poll workers to use paper ballots, potentially affecting tens of thousands of people. Utah Director of Elections Mark Thomas says a programming problem has affected all voting in Washington County, but so far appears it appears limited to that county. He says about 52,000 registered voters there have yet to cast their ballots. Election workers are trying to fix the computer problem and hope they can start using the voting machines later in the day. (AP)

12:05PM ET: Mike Pence casts ballot at Indianapolis church. “A day like today is very humbling and very moving for our little family,” Pence said outside the polling place. “I’m also especially grateful to the people of Indiana today who have given our family opportunities to serve.” When asked how he voted, he replied: “I voted for Donald Trump.” (Politico)

11:45AM ET: After casting his ballot at NYC P.S. 59, Trump was asked whether he would concede if the networks call the election for Clinton. Trump responded: ‘We’ll see what happens.’ (LA Times)

11:35AM ET: Bay Area voters are deciding on a new ‘soda tax.’ The measures in San Francisco, Oakland and Albany would levy a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks, including energy, sweetened tea and sports drinks. Proponents hope success in the San Francisco Bay Area will prompt other places to tax the drinks they say contribute to obesity, diabetes and other health problems. Records show the campaigns spent more than $42 million. (CBS/AP)

11:22AM ET: Before he heads to the polls to cast his ballot this morning in his home state, Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, took a ride around Indianapolis. Gotta stay healthy. (CNN)

11:10AM ET Donald Trump cast his ballot at a Manhattan public school. No surprise, he said he voted Trump. Asked by reporters what he’s hearing from his team on early returns, he said simply, “Very good.” (Politico)

11:10AM ET: WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange says he wasn’t trying to influence the U.S. presidential election when his organization published hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In a statement Tuesday, Assange denied he was trying to support Green Party candidate Jill Stein or take revenge for the jailing of former U.S. intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. Assange suggests WikiLeaks would publish material on Clinton’s Republican rival Donald Trump, if it received appropriate material and judged it newsworthy.

10:50AM ET: Tom Brady was asked Monday morning on a Boston radio show whether he’d taken advantage of Massachusetts’s early voting period, which ended Friday. “No, I haven’t voted yet,” Brady said. That’s interesting, because Donald Trump said Monday night in New Hampshire that Brady told him that he had voted Trump. (Sports Illustrated)

10:25AM ET: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie voted “under cover of darkness,” according to a report by NJ Advance Media: “Polls opened at 6 a.m. sharp, and by 6:06 a.m., Christie was striding past a reporter who asked why he was arriving so unusually early. “‘I always vote in the morning,’ answered the governor, without breaking his stride. “But this was a departure for Christie. For the last seven years, the governor has never voted without first notifying the press of his whereabouts, and taking questions from reporters.” (Politico)

10:02AM ET: In North Carolina, Democrats are worried that recent damage from Hurricane Matthew could depress turnout in some reliably blue counties in the eastern part of the state.

9:55AM ET: As voters cast their ballots for president, some are convinced, while others are holding their breath. In Indianapolis, 50-year old homemaker Ranita Wires said she voted for Hillary Clinton because she trusts her, but said “this has been the worst,” and she’s “so glad it’s over.” Craig Bernheimer voted for Donald Trump at his local polling station in Tulsa, Oklahoma early Tuesday, saying it has more to do with “what the other didn’t bring.”

9:20AM ET: Lines were long in some places, but few voters heading to the polls early Tuesday appeared to be encountering problems. Presidential elections usually include sporadic voting problems, such as machines not working properly. Calls to Election Protection, a national voter helpline, included people reporting long lines as a result of machine problems in three precincts in Virginia. And election officials at a handful of precincts in Durham County, North Carolina, were using paper roll books after technical issues with computer check-in.

8:55AM ET: Donald Trump’s eldest son says that his family will “respect the outcome” of a “fair election.” Donald Trump, Jr. told CNN’s New Day Tuesday that he thinks his father “will remain involved somewhat” if he loses the election. He said he hopes that the energy surrounding his father’s campaign “goes back to the people we are trying to fight for, the people who haven’t had a voice in a long time.”

8:51AM ET: Women across the United States are wearing pantsuits Tuesday in a show of support for Hillary Clinton. Social media was flooded with images of women wearing pantsuits.

8:46AM ET: As voters go to the actual polls to cast their ballots in what has been an unprecedented presidential election, Republican Donald Trump held onto a 2-point lead over his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton — 45% to 43% — in a four-way matchup, according to the final IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll.

8:45AM ET: Hillary and Bill Clinton voted in their hometown of Chappaqua New York. Hillary Clinton said it was “the most humbling feeling” to vote “because so many people are counting on the outcome of this election.” Bill Clinton said he’s eager to be a political spouse, joking that he had “15 years of practice.” (AP)

8:33AM ET: Major news organizations have temporarily taken down their paywalls for Election Day coverage. The New York Times and The Washington Post announced that they are free today. No need for that though – stick with YWN which never has a “paywall” and have the latest information brought to you in live time!

8:27AM ET: Donald Trump is ranking higher than Hillary Clinton in Google searches on the eve of the U.S. election, as voters hunt for information on the Republican presidential nominee. Data released by Google show Trump dominating search in 38 states early afternoon Monday, including the battleground states of Florida and Michigan. Google data also show that immigration is the top Trump-related search topic, followed by abortion and race issues.

8:00AM ET: Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine says he and Hillary Clinton can clinch the White House if they win any one of the “checkmate” states. In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday, Kaine said the battleground states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio each hold the key to a win for the Democratic running mates. (AP)

7:32AM ET:Donald Trump said this morning that the election campaign has “been a beautiful process.”..”I’ve been all over the country and met people on every level … and they are amazing. I think if people say, ‘What have you learned?’ That’s what I’ve learned. The people in his country are amazing,” Trump told “Fox and Friends.” Trump said running for president has “changed” him. “I’ve seen so many hopes and so many dreams out there that could have happened … with proper leadership,” he said.

6:55AM ET:Trump’s first tweet of the morning is the phrase we’ve been hearing for more than 500 days: TODAY WE MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

622AM ET: Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine casted his vote bright and early in Richmond, Virginia. Kaine walked into his polling place early. “We’re too eager? Imagine that!” “T minus three,” he says at 5:57 am.

6:00AM ET: The tumult and tedium of Campaign 2016 finally culminates Tuesday as the nation chooses among Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and a variety of third-party types. The action will roll from east coast to west, from pre-dawn voting in New Hampshire to late-night poll closes in Alaska.

12:35AM ET: Hillary Clinton won the tiny town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, as eight residents cast midnight ballots in an Election Day tradition. Clinton received four votes, Donald Trump received two. There was one vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, and a write-in vote for Mitt Romney. Two other New Hampshire communities are also casting midnight votes this morning. (CNN)

12:00AM ET: It’s officially Election Day 2016!

9:28PM ET: The U.S. government is gearing up for an unprecedented effort to protect Tuesday’s presidential election from cyber attack, U.S. officials told NBC News. Cyber centers at the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the FBI — as well as the Pentagon, the CIA and other intelligence agencies — will be on alert, with extra staff hunting for any possible threat, officials say. (NBC)

8:55PM ET: Bill Clinton met Hillary at the bottom of her airplane’s stairs in Philadelphia on Monday and she appeared to stumble as she made her way to the awaiting car. Bill put his arm around her and she shuffled the short distance from the plane to the motorcade vehicle. (American Mirrer)

7:22PM ET: Hillary Clinton says she intends to call rival Donald Trump if she wins the presidency in Tuesday’s election. The Democratic presidential nominee says in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest that she hopes Trump will “play a constructive role” in helping bring the country together. (AP)

6:50PM ET: Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton is “the face of failure” and he’s predicting a “great victory” on Tuesday as he holds his final Pennsylvania rally of the campaign. Trump says, “I think we’re going to blow ’em out tomorrow.” He adds, “This is not the sound of a second place finisher.” (AP)

6:47PM ET: The long U.S. presidential campaigns neared their end on Monday in the same angry tone they began, with Trump calling Hillary a “phony” and Clinton accusing her opponent of worsening divisions throughout the country. As public opinion polls showed Clinton with a narrow lead, she and Trump raced through several battleground states in a last-ditch attempt to encourage their respective supporters to show up at voting booths on Tuesday. (Reuters)

6:45PM ET: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton barnstormed the country on election eve Monday to deliver their respective closing arguments. “Anger is not a plan,” Hillary said in Pittsburgh, Pa. “We are going to bring back jobs that have been stolen from you. We’re going to bring back wealth taken from this country,” said Trump.

6:33PM ET: President Barack Obama says Donald Trump’s conduct might be acceptable in other countries — but not in the United States. Obama is mocking Trump for threatening to jail Hillary Clinton if he’s elected. Obama says, “Maybe Putin thinks it’s ok. I don’t think it’s ok.” He’s referring to Vladimir Putin and Democrats’ claim that Trump is too cozy with the Russian president. The president says unlike Trump, Clinton “actually knows what’s going on in the world.” (AP)

6:11PM ET: “The vote that gets cast on Tuesday, and who wins, will determine what our country is like 20 years from now, and 30 years from now when a lot of us are gone, and it’s our children’s country. What kind of country do we want to leave for them?” — Former New York mayor Giuliani rallies Trump supporters in Las Vegas.

5:44PM ET: Donald Trump continues to say that he’s put $100 million of his own money into his presidential run. Fundraising records show that with just 24 hours to go, he’s about $34 million short of that amount. (AP)

5:17PM ET: A Federal judge has just ruled that there is no evidence linking GOP, Trump to North Carolina voter suppression. (WTVD)

5:15PM ET: Emerson College Polling is predicting an Electoral College landslide for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Emerson College predicts Clinton will win the Electoral College, 323 to 215. A presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the White House. (The Hill)

4:12PM ET: Elements of America’s election infrastructure potentially are vulnerable to hacking and other cyber-intrusions that could impact the ability of voters to cast ballots on Election Day or manipulate unofficial election night data, according to a Department of Homeland Security report obtained by “We assess multiple elements of US election infrastructure are potentially vulnerable to cyber intrusions. The risk to US computer-enabled election systems varies from county to county between types of devices used, and among processes used by polling stations,” states the Sept. 20 intelligence assessment. (Fox News)

4:00PM ET: According to a tweet by Reuters, Hillary Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning enough Electoral College votes to beat Trump in election 2016.

3:30PM ET: The U.S. Supreme Court turned down a request Monday from Ohio Democrats to issue an order aimed at preventing Donald Trump’s supporters from harassing or intimidating voters on Election Day. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted that Ohio law already forbids voter intimidation. (AP)

3:23PM ET: Joe Biden is stressing the importance of the African-American vote as he and his wife visit historically black Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. The vice president said that if African-Americans turn out in the same numbers as they did for President Barack Obama, then Hillary Clinton will win Florida. And he said that would make her the next president.

2:56PM ET: President Obama pleaded with voters to back Hillary Clinton during a Monday morning rally in Michigan as he looked to help the Democratic nominee shore up support among the working class and young people in the traditionally blue state. With his sleeves rolled up, Obama took the stage at the University of Michigan after an introduction by Chelsea Clinton, who was sporting a T-shirt with the slogan “Make Herstory.” (The Hill)

2:35PM ET: The FBI’s announcement reaffirming that it won’t pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton came too late for nearly 24 million voters.That’s how many people used early voting to cast ballots while the FBI reviewed the emails of a Clinton aide. The nearly 24 million voters who voted during those nine days represent about 18 percent of the expected total votes for president. (AP)

2:29PM ET: Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement Sunday that the way to end the Clinton era is to elect Trump. It was one of the first explicit calls for electing Trump since Ryan effectively abandoned the presidential candidate over remarks about women. Ryan is seeking re-election as speaker. Some House Republicans have criticized him for his tepid support for Trump. (AP)

2:25PM ET: The lone American off the planet has cast his vote from space. That’s in keeping with NASA’s motto of “Vote while you float.” NASA said Monday that astronaut Shane Kimbrough filed his ballot from the International Space Station sometime over the past few days. He arrived at the orbiting lab in mid-October. Before launching, Kimbrough said it was going to be special, being able to say “I voted from space.” (AP)

2:20PM ET: Donald Trump’s cabinet-in-waiting is taking shape in the final days of the race, as aides eye a number of Trump loyalists for major posts should he win on Tuesday. Among the names being considered, according to conversations with three campaign advisers who requested anonymity to speak freely: Rudy Giuliani for attorney general, Newt Gingrich for secretary of state, retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn for defense secretary or national security adviser, Trump finance chairman Steve Mnuchin for Treasury secretary, and Republican National Committee finance chair Lew Eisenberg for commerce secretary. (Source: NBC)

2:16PM ET: Republicans took the lead in early voting in Colorado at the end of the day Friday and held the advantage through the weekend despite robust Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts.

The latest early voting numbers released Monday morning show registered Republicans cast 652,380 ballots compared to 645,020 registered Democrats — a 7,360 vote advantage. The breakdown looks like this: 35.2 percent Republican, 34.8 percent Democrat and 28.5 percent unaffiliated.

It’s worth noting that not all Republicans are voting for GOP nominee Donald Trump — just like not all Democrats are supporting party nominee Hillary Clinton. But the early voting is a potential sign of party organization and voter enthusiasm.

(Source: Denver Post)

1:21PM ET: Another dramatic turn of events is being reported out of North Carolina this afternoon: Donald Trump has jumped past all expectations in early voting, the Drudge Report is reporting! In 2012, Romney hit Election Day down 447,000 votes, based on early ballots. He went on to win the state by 97,000 votes. Now, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal, Trump opens Election Day down 305,000!

1:12PM ET: The latest CNN Poll of Polls gives Clinton a four point lead over Trump, 46% to 42%. In most of the swing states that will decide, the race is tight. But if Clinton can cling on to most states that have voted Democratic in recent elections and add at most a couple of swing states, she will likely win the election. But Democrats are worried about Trump’s strength in the Midwest — particularly in Michigan, which has not voted Republican since 1988. Trump has been making a strong push there amid narrowing polls.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway predicted Monday that Trump will win Michigan, telling ABC’s “Good Morning America” that that campaign feels “really good” about the latest polling in upper Midwest states.

1:10PM ET: WikiLeaks released a second batch of emails from the Democratic National Committee early Monday morning, even as it came under an online attack.

The site claims to have suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack designed to — and briefly successful at — knocking the site offline. That attack came around the same time that WikiLeaks released the new emails. WikiLeaks immediately drew a connection between the release of the new information and the attack.

The new DNC emails released by WikiLeaks total 8,263.

1:00PM ET: Hillary Clinton has a 4-point lead over Donald Trump, according to a Fox News poll released Monday. Clinton is favored by 48 percent of likely voters in the poll, while Trump is backed by 44 percent.
Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has 3 percent supportm and Green Party nominee Jill Stein has the support of 2 percent of likely voters.

In a head-to-head matchup, Clinton, the Democratic nominee, maintains her 4-point lead over her Republican rival.

12:48PM ET: Data obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT shows presidential underdog Donald Trump outperforming Republican 2012 election results in Florida. Mitt Romney went into Election Day down 161,000 in absentee ballots and early voting. He ended up losing the state by 74,000.

This time, in a dramatic surprise twist, Trump is only down 32,500! And Republicans tend to outvote Democrats on Election Day in Florida.


  1. Wait until after the election. No matter who is elected, this lame duck Kenyan-born Mooslim obama will wreak havoc on the United States, Israel and anyone else whoever went against him. He will pardon all the convicted druggies in prisons across the country. He will do irreparable harm to all.

    A message to those Yidden who voted for Obama and then voted for him a second time: You’re Idiots and you’re responsible for obama’s actions.

    If you plan on voting for Hillary then there are no words to describe your absolute stupidity.

  2. At this point, I think Trump should model his cabinet selection process after Max Bialystock’s method for financing a Broadway flop. If he is not going to win, he could promise each cabinet post to many individuals, in return for their campaign contributions.

  3. To commenter no. 1, drugcommish in LA: I am one of your so-called idiots. I would gladly take responsibility for President Obama’s administration: steady if slow economic recovery, healthcare for 20 million previously uninsured Americans, record numbers of deportations of illegal aliens (actually, I am not crazy about that one, but you probably like it), a capable, qualified and Jewish nominee to the Supreme Court (blocked by Republicans), a big aid package to Israel, low levels of death and injury to the US Armed Forces, because they are not squandered in futile civil wars around the world.

    So, now tell me how smart you are.

  4. I hope everyone votes for Donald Trump. We need a change in this country. Hillary will continue Obama’s destructive ways. She will pressure Israel, she will continue to destroy healthcare and she will let in millions of terrorist “refugees”.
    She does everything for money.
    She has no morals, just like her husband.
    Vote for Trump.

  5. Trump can be elected by a landslide but Hillary will be SELECTED, as WikiLeaks (who never said anything untrue) revealed: “Trump will not be allowed to win”.

    Actually, several days ago, on Nov 5, 2016. THE RESULTS WERE IN FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA WITH A CLINTON VICTORY:
    Clinton 42%, Trump 40%, Johnson 8%, Others 5%, Stein 5%.

    The only option we have is to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for a miracle because only Hashem can help us get rid of this most corrupt immoral government full of Tumah and evil.

  6. the DHS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Corrupt Obama, inc, just like the IRS the epa, the justice (sic) department, et al ad nauseum.

    if trump wins, it’ll be declared a hack.

    if Hillary wins, then democracy is served.

    can’t wait. enjoy your Banana States of Merica.

  7. Dear huju,

    After reading your comment I can agree with you only on your first point. You certainly are an idiot if you believe obama was good for our country, for Israel or for any of our allies. Obama was a failed president possibly even worse than Jimmy crack-corn Carter. If Hillary Chas V’Shulom wins the presidency she may even be worse. But she has a knack of getting away with corruption and murder.

  8. Re comment no. 7, drugcommish in LA: Would you please explain your objections to President Obama’s administration. Too many people getting health care, too much aid to Israel, too much economic recovery, too many deportations of illegal immigrants (more than any prior administration), too many Jews on the Supreme Court?

    Telling me he failed as a president does not tell me why you think he failed. You don’t seem to understand that, so maybe you are in good company with me, another idiot.

  9. If you can, listen to the ruling of the Judge in Nevada throwing out a complaint by the Trump campaign about keeping the polls open for 2 or 3 hours after normal closing time so that voters in line at the Poll closing times being allowed to vote (in accordance with State law). Her opinion was procedural (they failed to exhaust their administrative remedies before going to court) but listen to her comments about motives and her criticisms of the lawyers’ ethical behavior.

  10. @ppl fighting:
    How about you stop.

    drugcommish in LA nothing say demeaning to the candidates or attacking their voters will get anyone to change their opinion.

  11. huju ur pathetic first of all my premiums skyrocketed out of control the nubers r lying n it will bust alot mre ppl will be uninsured u missed the point how his forigen policy is in neglect n other leaders dnt care about him will he did yes give package to israel he was stingy about it look it up

  12. “actually, I am not crazy about that one, (DEPORTATIONS) but you probably like it), ”

    This shows you for the communist open borders traitor that you are. You want to flood the country with people who will amplify the Dem voting numbers but who are law breakers with an abnormally high number of criminals and who eat up our benefits system and send the bulk of the bulk of their earnings overseas.

    Oh andbobana does not have high deportation numbers because those rates don’t count the number of deportees WHO KEEP COMING BACK.