WATCH: Jake Turx Interviewed On Fox News About Receiving A Smackdown From Trump



  1. I don’t feel the need to watch any more of this ba’al gayvuh, if he meant well he should slink away and privately grovel back his way in where he can do some good.

  2. #4 You sound like our president. A comment not to your liking is considered insulting. Turx is defending the indefensible plain and simpke.

  3. His answer on this program showed what was the problem yesterday a rambling kind of speech that does not quickly get to the point, you are asking a question of the president not delving over a sugya with your chavrusa.

  4. The point he needed to do in the few seconds Fox gives him was to clarify any misunderstanding.
    That’s the message he needed to convey and he did.

    What he should of could of yesterday done is irrelevant today.

  5. Good job Jake! Took it like a man, pro and champ! Keep it up! All the bashers Get a life.

    I love the way he answered the media. This would be a derech eretz of unprecedented levels. Let the world see the shine of a chasidic yid! Sees things in from a optimistic point as well as watching not to publicly degrade another person even after being smacked down in public.

    Let the world learn from turx. (and no, I’m not a follower of his, nor do I read his articles.)

  6. Turx deserves Eli Willner’s ridiculous attacks for asking a simple question and still defending the man who did not answer the question.

    The question is: What is the government doing to combat anti-Semitism? Anti-Semitism is up 700%.

    Trump is Goebbels, with less brains and more insanity, and we defend him.

  7. crazykanoiy wrote in #2, “Turx sounds like an abused wife who justifies her husbands abusive behavior and cannot admit that she married the wrong guy”.

    This is a rip-off of a JTA tweet. For those who don’t know, JTA is a leftist, secular and anti-frum “Jewish” news agency.

    You can judge a person by his friends. And by whom he quotes.

  8. Eli Wilner – I never took a quote from any source. I having nothing against the JTA which is a fine source but please have the mentchlichkeit to not accuse falsely. Using your real name instead of pseudonym does not give you licensce to slander.

  9. Eli Wilner – My post above is at 7:37am. The JTA tweet is a retweet of a tweet that first posted at 10:00am this morning. I believe that an apology for your careless slander is in order

  10. JTA | Jewish news Retweeted
    Andrew Silow-Carroll ‏@SilowCarroll 3h Alternative hed: “Battered journalist drops charges against his abuser, saying ‘I totally deserved it’

  11. crazykanoiy: The JTA tweet you plagiarized was posted at 7:01am and anyone can go to the JTA twitter feed and see for themselves. Your post was at 7:37am. I conceded that it might have been a coincidence that you just happened to post the same tweet they did, 35 minutes later. Just like it might be coincidence that a strong wind just happened to split the Red Sea when the Jews needed to cross it.

    In any event it is telling that you characterize the JTA as a “fine source”. I welcome others here to explore the JTA feed to see just how “fine” a source they are. They alternate between bashing Trump and bashing anything to do with frum Judaism/Jews.

    As I said before, you can tell a person by his friends, as well as by the quotes he plagiarizes.

  12. Will someone please encourage this fellow to go back under his rock and stop making news?

    Oh, and he should switch back to his na na na na yarmulka.

  13. Eli Willner please do not create altenative facts. The JTA Twitter feed clearly states that it was first posted by JTA five hours ago. Furthetmore unlike you I do not read the JTA twitter feed and never sae the tweet until you posted it. Which begs the question why you read “anti frum” Twitter feeds in the firsy placr. It is astounds me how a person like you can make up lies without any evidence whatsoever and refuse to apologize when proven wrong. You having amazing azus and chutzpah.

  14. Eli Wilner – “you can tell a person by who he quotes” aside for the fact that I never quoted JTA Twitter in our previous disagreements you got all upset when I quoted Rav Hutner and Rav Shmuel Aurbach Sorry but you can’t have it both ways.

  15. The JTA feed was posted at 7:01, as I said. Big lie is hard to pull off when anyone can just go there and see for themselves.

    I read anti-frum websites for the same reason I read your posts. It is important to know what the enemies of frumkeit are saying about us, so a proper response can be formulated.

    I did not get upset when you quoted Rav Hutner, I got upset when you misquoted him. But I can understand that when you play fast and loose with the truth, the difference between quoting and misquoting can be a little hazy.

  16. Eli Wilner- You have absolutly know way of knowing what I saw and did not. The twitter post clearly stated 3hrs ago at 1pm today. I know I never saw it. The ribono shel oilam knows I never saw it yet you insist without any evidence that I did. Repeating a lie again and again does not make it true.

    I quoted Rav Hutner verbaitim from the JO article that he himself wrote. I cleatly sourced the issue. Yet you have the azus to say that I misquoted him.

    You throw around terms such as “enemies of frumkeit” and make up allegations that you have no way of knowing about yet you accuse me of playing loose with the facts. Shame! Think about over shabbos.

  17. Eli Wilner – Make a false accusation, create alternative facts, refuse to back down when presented with evidence that your allegations are baseless. Then repeat the lie again and again and never apologize. Reminds me of a person that you seem to admire.

  18. Eli Wilner – I posted that 1) Rabbi Tawil was right and correct to call out Bibi for his inappropriate remarks. 2) Trump was wrong to publicly humiliate and embarrass Turx and 3) that Turx was exhibiting symptoms of “revictimization” but blaming himself for Trumps inappropriate outbursts. You seem to disagree – fine. But please explain how these positions would make me an “enemy of frumkeit”? Does backing a Rov and expecting basic decency from a sitting president somehow make one an “enemy of frumkeit”

    You also label the JTA “leftists” and “enemies of frumkeit” yet open almost any frum newsweekly or periodical and you will see many articles that are sourced from and written by the JTA.

    I would suggest that you read and famalirize yourseld with the Hhkdomoh of the Netziv to sefer Bereishis he has choice words for those that label all those that they disagree with terms such as “haters of yiddeshkeit”

  19. Crazykanoiy
    Whether you saw it there or not is irrelevant, as they say “great minds think alike”.
    What you seem to be missing here, is that he clearly messed up on the delivery of his question and realized it.

  20. #32 – I get that you feel that Turx messed up on his delivery. I also feel that Turx rambled on for too long. However I strongly believe that Turx’s lack of coherence in no way justifies the reaction of Trump. There is no excuse for public humiliation and embarrassment of others. Trump lets his inflated ego get the best of him, and he must be called out for his obnoxious behavior.

    “Great minds do think a like” and in truth the JTA retweet bears some similarities to my comment. However my comment differed from it in that I stated that he Turx was like a wife who could not admit that he married the wrong guy” which was a reference to Turx’s strong support for Trump as a candidate. The JTA retweet made no mention of that. So the basic idea may be similar but the message is different.

    I have no problem with somebody taking issue with and/or disagreeing with my positions. I do have issue with those that throw unfounded accusations around with a sense of certainty and brazenness.