FOUND – Missing 14-Year-Old At Spinka Camp Found In Staten Island [PHOTOS]

(Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 02:05 PM)

[PHOTO LINK BELOW] The Ulster County Sheriff’s Office and Catskills Hatzalah have just cancelled the search for a missing 14-year-old Yeshiva Bochur who was attending Spinka Camp in Dairyland.

The boy, a Brooklyn yeshiva student, was last seen at 10 p.m. Tuesday at the camp on Milk Road. he was found in the Staten island Mall, and is reportedly in healthy condition.

Hundreds of volunteers from Hatzolah assisted police, who used K-9s, police helicopters, and volunteers.

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Assisted in the search are State Police Troop F, State Police Aviation, state forest rangers, Fallsburg Police and New York City Police.

YWN has no further information.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.


Catskills Hatzolah has launched a search for a missing 14-year-old Yeshiva Bochur, on Wednesday morning. The boy was last seen on Tuesday night at Camp Bais Yitzchok (Spinka), which is located on Dairyland Road.

They are looking for a 14-year-old male by the name of (name removed). He is 5’10″,  slim, about 130- 140LB, has brown hair, brown eyes, was wearing glasses, black pants, white shirt, long dark suit.

Volunteers are asked to come to the Spinka Camp at 170 Milk Road in Dairyland, where a search of the woods is planned for this morning.


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  1. torahtotty says:

    as all the Hatzolah are together in brooklyn they should drive up in mass to help as much as then can and perhaps avert another tragedy

  2. LSH says:

    I don’t know how well these work but they sell things like “The Little Buddy” child tracker. A parent using a computer can track the location of their child at all times.

    So a child should have two things. 1. A panic button that makes a very loud and shocking sound to get other people’s attention (or maybe we need a panic button which shouts “Help, I’m in Trouble” etc.) and 2. A child tracker.

    Also, there are services that will come to the aid of a person by having them press a button (instead of having to dial a number which takes too long when it’s a real emergency). Maybe our Hatzolah could provide that service for a nominal fee per child/person/business.

  3. yosse says:

    what happened in the last hour . one hour ago when this was posted we were told not to come help search

  4. tracht_ gut says:

    wow! this is crazy whats going on?? another story? my brother went to this camp… i hope they find him very soon! we cant have another tragedy! its a good camp and very responsible. i cant fathom how this boy got off the grouds! they learn in the woods there… maybe he passed out from heat or something, i hope they r searching there. im sure they r! waiting to hear good news!

  5. gefen says:

    name for tehilim please?

  6. moonlightmommy says:

    Name for tehilim?

  7. 1st timer says:

    Is there any update yet?

  8. yummy cupcake says:

    mods, any update on this? its been a while, and we would all like to be informed, rather than be left in the dark. thanks

  9. ha ha ha ha says:

    please say tehillim for Moshe bn Raizel that he should be found in good health quickly

  10. finenies says:

    BH they found the bucher he just called his father from Staten Island (confirmed)

  11. maskingtape says:

    they found him!
    He called home from a public phone in Staten Island Mall. He’s fine b’h

  12. Droid says:

    Baruch Hashem!

  13. kyohl9 says:

    B”H, but there is unfortunately too much Chillul Hashem. We can ill afford all this negative publicity.

  14. The Goq says:

    Its good to see a story with a happy ending

  15. wanderingchana says:

    B”H he was found safe. I hope he understands why people were so upset that no one knew where he was!

  16. YonasonW says:


  17. Ms. Critique who may always know the answers correctly says:

    It is called Spinka Camp but is not. Spinka leases to a different Yeshiva.

  18. basmelech says:

    What was he doing in Staten Island Mall, instead in camp, where he was supposed to be?

  19. bsimcha tamid says:

    could anyone explain me how you get ‘lost’ from dairyland to staten island? a almost two and a half hour drive (120 miles!) and a 1 day and 9 hour walk!!!????

  20. momadvice says:

    Hodu Lashem, he is safe.

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