Facebook Post: Hitler Should Come Back and Finish the Job


Once again, Facebook has been selected as the forum to spread a hateful message, this time by “A”, a resident of Israel, who explained in her posting that her “hate for chareidim may be equated to Hitler’s hate for the Jews”, adding she wishes that Hitler would come back and “finish the job”, to rid Israel of the chareidim.

When friends of “A” saw the posting they urged her to remove it, but she refused, but as pressure from friends increased, “A” did comply and removed the offensive posting against chareidim.

She used the social network to express her total disgust with the chareidi population, which see accuses of chareidim “of sucking the blood of the nation. If only they would disappear”.

Following is a photo of the original posting released by Kikar Shabbat which has since been removed.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. BTW to the person who posted the comment, if u have Jewish blood, hitler really didn’t care what u looked or acted like. As long as u had Jewish blood flowing through your veins u where not worthy of. So u just dug your own grave by making a statement of that kind!!!!

  2. Facebook permits opinions by wise people an fools without discrimination. If fools would keep their thoughts to themselves and not make them public they would convince everyone that they are wise.

  3. Stupid lady because yemach sh’mo didn’t care how “Jewish” you were. If you had a Jewish grandfather you were dead meat.

    She fails to realize, had she been in Germany at the time, it would have been six million AND ONE.

    She also fails to realize that according to statistics, most of those killed, were NOT the shomray Torah u’mitzvos.

  4. May she be zoche to see her children and grandchildren oskim b’Torah ub’mitzvos…and she should follow in their footsteps.

  5. wait a little bit, one day she’ll become a b”t !

    by kitzur_dot_net on 2012-06-04 at 1:53 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more! We all know that it says about R’ Akiva (who became a baal t’shuva at 40 years old) that before he became frum, he would have bitten the throat of a talmid chacham on sight!! There’s hope for everyone!

  6. I’m sorry, this is not news. Facebook is the messaging platform for over 900,000,000 people. One person writing an anti-semitic message doesn’t qualify as news. And FB is very good at taking down pages that include Nazi messaging when users report them.