Report: Chilul Shabbos Involving Preparation Of Food On IDF Air Force Base


The following report was released by Kol Berama Radio, citing Chilul Shabbos to prepare food on an Israel Air Force Base contrary to General Staff regulations. The report was compiled by military correspondent Mendy Razel and released on the Noam Zeigman show.

This occurred last Shabbos, at a time of military tensions along the northern border with Syria, which including the Syrian downing of a f-16i fighter plane. A military source did not deny the report, saying that it was done with the approval of the base commander, Colonel Amir Lazar.

It is added that in accordance to General Staff regulations, an officer of a colonel or higher may authorize steering from adherence to those regulations, which was the case here, but this does not apply to cooking on Shabbos. In order to circumvent cooking on Shabbos, a colonel first needs approval of a military rabbi, which did not occur in this case. In fact in this case, a rav was not consulted in advance.

Former Chief IAF Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Rami Ravaad is quoted telling Kol Berama, in this case, there was no heter to give for cooking on Shabbos and the kitchen staff should have found a way to improvise, to prepare food for the extra staff without bishul.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. A few years back there was Bishul beShabbos when Seder nite was Leil Shabbos, and they didn’t want to let down the soldiers from a good dinner on Seder nite, and food that should have been ready wasn’t; So the army is not new to Bishul beShabbos.