Israeli Retail Chains To Quote Price Abroad On Certain Limited Items Sold Locally


Minister of the Economy Eli Cohen last week signed an order that will require major retail chains in Israel to publish the price difference between the local price and the prevailing price overseas for seven specific toiletry items sold by the large importers such as Unilever and Diplomat.

According to the Globes report, the new regulation goes into effect in twenty days, after which the ministry will begin taking enforcement action.

The initial seven items were selected due to the large difference in the local and overseas price, ranging from 50% to 107%. Items included are Colgate toothpaste, Dove women’s deodorant and three types of Gillette men’s deodorants. A sign with the different prices must appear next to the item on store shelves.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They should force them to show the price of Israeli goods in Israel and in the USA & Europe. That’s where the problem lies. Imported goods can be expected to price higher when adding the cost of importing them.