Experiment Succeeds: Female Soldiers Pass Full Tank Combat Unit Training


The testing of female soldiers for combat positions in tank unit and their implementation in these units has been a topic fraught with controversy for the past few months. Following the culmination of the first pilot trainee project, 13 of th 15 soldiers in training  passed all of the training requirements necessary to allow them to serve as full combat soldiers in tank units.

The 13 graduates will now begin their service as fully fledged combat soldiers in the tank units. Among the many trials the soldiers had to go through, was acting as the tank’s loader, a position that requires enormous physical strength an stamina. The filling of this position by women, was a topic of contention in Israel. The 13 soldiers completed all necessary training, and are now on active duty on one of Israel’s southern borders.

The 13 graduates undertook more than eight months of basic and extensive training and passed with a great measure of success. Following their training, they were qualified to take up positions guarding Israel’s southern borders together with another mixed unit known as Carcal.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Anyone thought there was going to be any other outcome to this “test?” Yup, our redemption sure is flowering….