VIDEO: PM Explains Talks With US President Donald Trump Focused Mainly On Iran



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday morning 24 Adar, addressed the weekly cabinet meeting following his official visit to the United States last week. That visit included a meeting with President Donald Trump, addressing the annual AIPAC Conference and meetings with other elected officials on Capitol Hill.

The prime minister explained to his ministers that the emphasis of the meeting with President Trump was on the Iranian threat and the latter’s yearning to become a nuclear power.

He said, “Last Friday I returned from the US where I met with the President of the United States, a great friend of Israel, Donald Trump. I addressed the AIPAC Policy Conference, and met with Senate and House leaders – Republicans and Democrats, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, and hundreds of businesspeople. I encouraged them to invest in Israel.

“The diplomatic talks focused mainly on Iran. I said that the nuclear agreement with Iran contains within it many dangers for the world, including the special danger of the nuclearization of the Middle East. Many countries in the Middle East are saying that they are also allowed to enrich uranium if Iran is allowed to do so; therefore, the way to prevent this danger, the nuclearization of the Middle East, is to either thoroughly correct the agreement or abrogate it. Moreover, I remind you that Iran declares, on an almost daily basis – including recently, its intention to wipe out the State of Israel. It is hardly worth saying that we will not allow this, to put it mildly.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)