After Close To A Decade, The Suicide Of A Resident Of Eli Reclassified An Act Of Terror


When the body of Yishuv Eli resident Yaron Gispin was found in a secluded area near his home in 2009, police ruled his death a suicide, with police stating he killed himself with his own weapon. At the time, he was married and the father of six children. Now, close to a decade later, Defense Ministry officials have overturned the official police ruling, citing the death was an act of terrorism.

Mrs. Iris Gispin did not accept the police conclusion of the death, insisting Yaron would never take his own life. Her uphill battle took almost ten years but now, the ministry has done an about face and is listing his cause of death as terror, which will entitle the wife and family to benefits given to bereaved families. The ministry expressed criticism of the police investigation, citing “serious flaws”. Police have since come to acknowledge failures in the investigation, including adequate photographs showing contact between the fingers of the deceased and his weapon.

Needless to say, Mrs. Gispin was released to have won her long difficult battle, explaining ruling her husband’s death a suicide was difficult for her and especially her children. She is comforted somewhat that her husband’s name will now be added the list of citizens murdered in terrorist attacks in time for this Memorial Day, marked this week on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)