Bayit HaYehudi Preparing for Next Elections


Bayit HaYehudi officials explain the party will remain firm in its demands which are based on the party’s hashkafa. Speaking at a media conference on Wednesday 10 Adar 5773, they explained they are even preparing a team for the next elections should this eventuality become a reality.

Bayit Yehudi continues to flex its political muscle, aware of the fact for as long as Labor Party leader Shelly Yacimovich does not enter the coalition, the prime minister is stuck at 57 and he will have to speak with their party and Yesh Atid. Party leaders explain they are confident in their derech, for it is clear Likud lost votes, and those votes went to the party and Yesh Atid because voters want something different. They add that there is no chance of them turning their backs on voters or on the agreement made with Yesh Atid.

Bayit Yehudi is calling on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to cancel the deal made with Tzipi Livni and her The Movement party in which she becomes minister of justice and maintains a key position in talks between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority).

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Repost what I wrote from an earlier article:

    This entire mess falls on the shoulders of Naftali Bennett and his cohorts in Bayit HaYehudi. Shame on you. A similar scenario happened once before by the Dati Leumi community via the parties(Moledet, Tzomet, and Tehiya) when they effectively brought down the leadership of Yitchak Shamir for not being “right wing” enough. What did we get as a result? Yitzhak Rabin and Oslo…

    Very soon we will have a left wing gov’t again G-d forbid.

    Naftali Bennett and Bayit HaYehudi could conceivably be considered Rodfim or some other halachically disgraceful title. Ask your LOR.

  2. If Roshei Yeshivot and other prominent Mizrahi Rabbanim are truly disappointed with Naftali Benett’s aligning himself with Yair Lapid and his stubborness of sharing the burden issue, they should threaten him that they and their followers will not vote for him again if there’s new elections.

    Gedolei Yisrael must approach these Mizrahi Rabbanim and discuss this most important matter with them.

  3. what ignorant piffle from some of the posters! “Rodfim”?? (rebnachman,2) Why don’y you consider the chareidi zzibbur rodfim because they refuse to go to the army? and what mess are we talking about? we are still a long way from a government and people are already making conclusions! and as gar as the religious zionist Rabbonim, look at the roster of Bayit hajehudi- it is full with rabbis from that stream- aware of the direction of bennet! I am not necessarily supportin bennet- i think an alliance with Yesh Atid is fraught with pitfalls- but let the political dance play out and then you can criticize at will!

  4. #3 – The point is that they are NOT disappointed with Bennett. On the contrary, even the Charda”l rabbis are, with only a few exceptions, supporting him. After all, they hold that the situation in E”Y is one of milchemet mitzva, that serving in the IDF is a great mitzva, and that the ideal today is safra ve’sayfa. Whether or not you agree with their analysis, they are acting in accordance with their hashkafa. As for the few who are nevertheless displeased, certainly, they are free to vote for other parties – and may have already done so in the last elections.