PM Netanyahu Hopes to Present his New Coalition Today


knessetBarring any surprises, the compromise agreement announced on Wednesday afternoon by Bayit HaYehudi leader Naftali Bennett  appears to have laid the groundwork for the signing of coalition deals with that party and Yesh Atid. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hopes to present his new coalition to the Knesset by the end of the day on Thursday, 3 Nissan 5773.

The individual party factions will convene during the day on Thursday to approve the agreements, and if they approve the deal as expected, Mr. Netanyahu will be able to move ahead and complete the process before the expiration of his mandate on motzei Shabbos.

While Yesh Atid and Bayit HaYehudi are pleased, back home in the Likud camp all is not smiles and merriment as party members feel they were ripped off, left with a few ministerial posts while the ‘select’ slots were given away.

In all likelihood there will be a battle over who will receive the Interior Ministry appointment, with contenders including Gideon Saar, Silvan Shalom and some of the younger leadership, MKs that landed a high ranking in the party’s internal primaries election.

The agreement reached during talks Wednesday night results in the following distribution of cabinet posts:

Avigdor Lieberman – Foreign Minister
Gideon Saar/Silvan Shalom/ Gilad Erdan – Interior Minister
Minister of Communications?
Minister of Homefront Security?
Minister of National Infrastructure ?
Moshe Ya’alon – Defense Minister
Sofa Landver – Minister of Immigration & Absorption
Uzi Landau – Tourism Minister
Yair Shamir – Agriculture Minister
Yisrael Katz – Transportation Minister
Yitzhak Aharonovich – Minister of Public Security
Yuli Edelstein – Knesset Speaker
Ze’ev Elkin – Deputy Foreign Minister

Yesh Atid
Meir Cohen – Minister of Welfare & Social Services
Rabbi Shai Piron – Minister of Education
Yaakov Peri – Minister of Science
Yael German – Minister of Health
Yair Lapid – Minister of Finance

Bayit HaYehudi
Naftali Bennett – Deputy PM/Minister of Industry & Trade, the Diaspora and Yerushalayim
Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan – Minister of Religious Services
Uri Ariel – Minister of Housing and responsible for the Israel Lands Administration
Uri Orbach – Minister of Pensioners’ Affairs

Also expected to receive control of the Knesset Finance Committee

The Movement
Amir Peretz – Minister of Environmental Affairs
Tzipi Livni – Minister of Justice

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s quite disturbing that YWN keeps on calling Shai Piron “Rabbi”. Personally, as a chareidi living in Israel, I am extremely concerned with him being Minister of Education…

  2. To comment #1:

    You are right. Piron is a just a useful idiot of Lapid! Piron is like the “Health commision” in NY (soda,trans fats,MBP,etc…) is to Bl$$mberg! Piron is like Eric Holder is to Obama!
    The fact that Piron stabbed the Dati Leumi community in the back & joined with the Torah hater Lapid, to begin with, shows he can’t be trusted by anyone. He lacks proper judgment! I wonder what other Halacho’s he doesn’t “agree” with?! Zevulun Hammer was much better than this sell out!

  3. Hey! I have a great idea for the Chareidi world. Keep attacking on a personal level the Dati Leumi community at every opportunity. Call them all sorts of derogatory things. Question their loyalty to Yiddishkeit. Then when they retaliate and turn on the Chareidi world, say that they are anti-Chareidi! Wow, what a concept!