MK Cable to Chareidim: Stop Butting into Chief Rabbinate Elections


ovdeDuring his very brief address in Knesset on Wednesday, 18 Tammuz 5773, MK (Labor) Eitan Cabel turned to chareidi elected officials. He instructed them to stop butting into matters pertaining to the election of new chief rabbis.

Cabel explained to them that the chareidi tzibur does not rely upon the Chief Rabbinate and its services but still wishes to play a role in the election.

“We are in the heat of the struggle to appoint new chief rabbis and I look at my chareidi colleagues and see that they are at the heart of this struggle and I ask myself what is their role. What does the chief rabbinate have to do with them?

“Nevertheless, they want to affect our lives regarding what we eat, where we eat, where and how we go out recreationally, and what will be permitted on Shabbos. They wish to dictate the outcome and control our lives… Therefore I turn to my colleagues from the chareidi parties to please permit us to involve ourselves in this election which will have an impact on our lives, not yours.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Perhaps they should change the name of the position to “Chief zionist rabbi”??? And agree that zionist law doesn’t apply to haredim (just like in Muslim countries, shariah didn’t apply to Jews,and in Christian countries canon law didn’t apply to Jews).

  2. after all what are the chief rabbi that have to do with Tora I really think that it’s better than after labor to butter out of the Chief Rabbinate and anythingg to do with religion

  3. Cabel has a righteous claim.

    #1 Except the last few Chief Rabbis (Rabbis Metzer, Lau & even Shapiro plus Amar, Ovadia Yosef and even Eliyahu) have all been Charedi…..

    Yes Shariah laws does not apply to Jews but INFIDEL LAWS do!!

  4. There is a missing component that commenters and even Cabel is missing. JOBS, JOBS and more JOBS.

    The Chief Rabbinate is the largest employment agency and majority of positions are in the hands of SHAS RABBIS, Mashgichim, Dayanim, City Rabbis, etc. and they are desperate not to lose those positions of power, respect and CASH. That is why the Charedi parties’ are involved, sorry #1 has nothing to do with Zionism this time, its a job, pension and benefits. Many of our yesteryear G’dolim B”H were living on these pensions and benefits.

  5. lets make a deal, the chareidim will butt out of the cheif rabbi and the government will butt out of conscripting the chareidim