Some Cost Facts & Figures Regarding Operation Cast Lead

(Monday, January 19th, 2009 10:38 AM)

idftn2.jpgWith a fragile ceasefire in place, officials are beginning to assess the cost of the Gaza War, labeled Operation Cast Lead by the IDF.

**IDF officials report the operation carries a NIS 5.5 billion price tag.
**Direct damage from the war estimated at NIS 1 billion.
**Loss to the Israeli economy estimated at NIS 2.2 billion.
**Indirect losses to businesses in rocket-firing range – over NIS 1 billion.
**Loss to southern area farmers – NIS 250 million.
**Loss to institutions of higher learning – NIS tens of million.
**The cost of paying salaries to IDF reservists – NIS 600 million.
**1-to-1.5 million work days lost.
**1,728 property damage claims have been filed with the government to date. This includes 329 apartment damage claims in Ashkelon and 301 in Ashdod. 268 vehicles were damaged.

The Day After the Way – Who Was Hit?

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**A total of 521 rockets were fired into southern Israel including 310 Kassams and 211 Grad Katyushas. The number does not include mortar shells.
**780 soldiers and civilians were transported to hospitals as a direct result of Operation Cast Lead.
**64 people remain hospitalized as of Monday morning, of which 13 are civilians.
**Eight of the soldiers are listed in serious condition.
**650 people were treated for hysteria/shock, with many requiring longer term therapy.
**Most of the wounded were transported and treated in Beersheva’s Soroka Medical Center, 518.
**190 of the victims treated at Soroka were soldiers.
**MDA ambulances responded to 1,180 calls as a result of rocket attacks.
**35 southern families were taken out of their homes as a result of damage from rocket attacks.
**1,000 MDA personnel took part in he operation, of which 700 were volunteers.

PA Damage Claims Pertaining to Operation Cast Lead

According to PA (Palestinian Authority) sources, damage in Gaza resulting from Operation Cast Lead is extensive. Following are figures released by the PA.

**1,300 people were killed including 200 women and 410 children under 16, as well as 5,300 injured.
**4,000 residential buildings were totally destroyed and 20,000 families are left homeless.
**48 government and public buildings were destroyed.
**20 mosques were destroyed.
**18 schools were destroyed.
**40% of the electric, water and roadways infrastructure was destroyed.
**Estimated cost of rebuilding is $476 million.
**Overall rehabilitation cost estimated at $1 billion.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. yaakovg says:

    Only $476 million damage to PA ?? That’s less than the cost of a major league baseball stadium these days. IDF: Go back and do more damage.

  2. Common Sense says:

    #1 It would cost the IDF alot more baseball stadiums to inflict the damage.

  3. akuperma says:

    1. They appear to be understating costs.

    2. The war neither returned Shalit, nor crippled Hamas (they were still fully functional and shelling Israel up to the last minute). It was just a waste of money (as are most wars).

    3. Has anyone consider simply paying the Palestinians for their claims (we could probably find some peace-loving, guilt-prone, Europeans to pay most of the cost). For anything Israel gives back, they can pay us for our claims (unlike the withdrawal from Gaza, by which the zionist government basically confiscated the Jews property without compensation). Since when do Dinei Mamonos justify bloodshed, from either side’s perspective.

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