Halacha Headlines: One Thousand Dollar Sandwich – Is It Kosher? – Secular Subjects In Yeshivas



  1. My grandsons in Eretz Yisroel learned very little secular subjects in elementary school (Talmud Torah as they call that) and in high school (Yeshiva Ketana) they learn no secular subjects from morning until night and don’t have any time for recreation like the American yeshivos such as playing basket ball etc. They consider ball playing ossur. What they will do for a living in the future I don’t know. Their fathers are still learning, one full time and the other part time. My son who is working part time is very skilled with his hands and is working a trade which he did not learn in high school, but he does know math, which he needs. I have another son in E”Y, who is learning full time and his son is still in Talmud Torah, but, I am sure he will not be learning any secular subjects in Yeshiva Ketana. They are all living a very simple bare bones lifestyle, but, are happy with what they have. In America, no one lives that way, even the poorest, I believe have more in America. But, who is to say there is something wrong with that? They are happy and their learning is incredible. I am proud of them.