VIDEO: IDF Soldiers Compelled to Run & Hide Amid Horrific Standard Operating Orders



The following video, embarrassing as it is, clearly shows what IDF soldiers are up against in the face of standard operating orders that do not permit the use of force when attacked by a mob pelting them with stones. The soldiers are compelled to flee and take cover, for using force will lead to charges and imprisonment as has been seen in many cases – aware that the cameras are always on standby waiting to document the brutal actions of Israeli soldiers against unarmed PA (Palestinian Authority) civilians.

Some feel that the orders that compel actions such as those viewed by the soldiers in the video are what lead to Arab uprisings, i.e. intifada, as security officials in Israel are once again warning of renewed widespread Arab attacks and terrorism throughout Yehuda and Shomron. The critics feels that permitting the soldiers to halt the rock attacks will send a clear message of zero tolerance instead of the current reality, which encourages stepped up violence and attacks against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Shooting people who aren’t shooting on you is unwise. Police is most countries have many options other than firing on rioters, ranging from rubber bullets to throwing stones back at them.

  2. Number 3 you don’t understand Arab mentality. They understand you step on my toe and I will break your foot. This is the only thing they understand. Stronger force