VIDEO: Ambassador Oren: Chemical Weapons Could be a ‘Game Changer’



Following a Sunday Times report that Israeli Special Forces are operating in Syria concerned with Damascus’ possible arming of chemical weapons, Fox News interviewed Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Michael Oren. On the interview agenda were the Syrian issue, Egypt and other related regional issues.

When asked to comment on the report, asking if stern US warning were sufficient to stop Syria from continuing, Dr. Oren stated “We have been watching the situation for many months now. It is not new to us.”

He called the Syrian reality a “varied and deeply dispersed chemical weapons program,” stating if the weapons passed over to Hizbullah hands, “It would be a game changer” for Israel”.

The ambassador stated Israel cannot permit Hizbullah “with its 70,000 rockets to get hold of the chemical weapons.”

Dr. Oren points out Israel has always viewed Syrian leader Bashar el-Assad as reckless and ruthless, and while his father Hafez was ruthless, “he was somewhat predictable”. Oren stresses the Syrian leader is an ally of Iran and Hizbullah and even if replaced by a Jihadist, the situation would be improved from Israel’s point of view.

Watch the interview on Fox News conducted by Chris Wallis:

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)